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12,354 & Counting: Thousands Fewer Public School Jobs in Texas

Texas Progressive Alliance Releases Preliminary Tally of School District Job Cuts, Resignations in Just 60 School Districts

AUSTIN—More than 12,000 Texas public school teachers, librarians, administrators, and support staff have left their school job in the roughly three months since the Texas Legislature released proposed budget figures for the 2012-2013 biennium, according to data released Tuesday by the Texas Progressive Alliance.
“There is no bunk in these numbers,” said Vince Leibowitz, chair of the Alliance, a group of progressive online activists including more than 50 netroots activists, bloggers, and online writers from across Texas. “These numbers are the cold, hard, truth and show precisely how significant an impact the proposed budget is already having on school districts across the state,” Leibowitz said.
More alarming, he noted, is that the more than 12,000 layoffs, firings, and voluntary or forced retirements represent only a fraction of the devastating toll the proposed budget is taking on public education. “These reductions come from a grand total of 60 of the state’s 1,234 school districts, less than five percent of all school districts statewide,” he noted. “Imagine how high this number will be when data is collected for all of these school districts,” he continued.
The Alliance collected the data from publicly available sources including newspapers, television stations, and other media outlets that cover Texas school boards. The data was compiled by members of the Alliance and includes districts from all parts of the state.
The data was released on the heels of an announcement by the Texas Legislative Budget Board that the proposed budget being considered by the Legislature will be the first since at least 1984 that does not adequately fund public school formula funding and makes no allowance for enrollment growth.
“Yesterday, Senator Ogden was quoted as saying that Texas school districts could ‘live with,’ five percent cuts,” said Charles Kuffner, Vice Chair of the Alliance. “Evidently, Senator Ogden and Republicans in the Legislature, Governor Perry, and our state leadership think losing 12,000 public school employees, increasing class sizes, and reducing the quality of instruction are worth living with. We do not,” Kuffner stated.
The Alliance will continue to track school district layoffs through the start of the 2011-2012 school year and today will ask readers of their blog to help them track this critically important number in ISDs across the state.

Founded in 2006, the Texas Progressive Alliance includes more than 50 member online and netroots activists from across Texas. Dedicated to promoting progressive ideals and shaping a better Texas, the Alliance annually names a “Texan of the Year,” publishes a weekly round-up of the best stories from Texas’ progressive blogosphere, and periodically weighs in on matters of public policy in Texas. In 2008, the Alliance was instrumental in bringing the Netroots Nation convention to Texas which featured as guests former Vice President Al Gore, General Wesley Clark, and then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

12,354 Fewer Jobs – The Numbers

Note – As best as possible, the Texas Progressive Alliance attempted to avoid counting projected job loss figures. The numbers below should reflect jobs that have already been cut and positions that have promised not to be fulfilled. In some cases, news reports reported several totals of jobs reduced or positions not filled; in those cases, the Texas Progressive Alliance used the lowest and most certain of the figures.

School District  Job Reductions  Source 
Abilene 14 Abilene Reporter-News, 4/4/11 
Arlington 538 Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 4/7/11 
Atlanta 14 KTAL 6
Austin  1,153  Austin American-Statesman, 4/6/11 
Bay City  43  The Tribune, 4/25/11 
Brownsville 275 The Monitor, 4/7/11
Canutillo 13  KVIA, 4/12/11
Cedar Hill 97  Dallas Morning News, 4/5/11
Clear Creek  17  The Bay Area Citizen, 3/11/11
Comal 92  New Braunfels Herald Zeitung, 4/5/11 
Dallas 1,450  Dallas Morning News, 4/9/11 & Dallas Morning News, 4/9/11 
Denton  274  Denton Chronicle, 3/23/11 Denton Chronicle, 4/27/11 
Eanes  98  Community Impact, 4/8/11 
East Central  7 San Antonio Express-News, 3/25/11 
Eastland 2 KTXS, 4/5/11 
Ector 104 Odessa American, 4/11/11 
El Paso 116  KVIA, 3/30/11 
Floydada 5 KCBD, 4/6/11
Fort Bend 483  Click2Houston, 4/5/11
Fort Worth 553  KDFW, 4/12/11 
Georgetown 142  KEYE, 3/3/11 
Gorman  KTXS, 4/5/11
Hays  156 Hays Free Press, 3/23/11 
Hitchcock  15  Galveston Daily News, 3/30/11 
Houston 1,007  Houston Chronicle, 4/12/11 
Hutto 74  Hutto ISD, 5/4/11 
Irving  278  Dallas Morning News, 4/5/11
Katy 550 KTRK, 4/5/11
Keller 440 Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 5/3/11 
Killeen  200 KXXV, 4/8/11 
LaJoya  22 The Monitor, 4/8/11
Lake Travis  28 Community Impact, 4/8/11
LaMarque 50  Galveston Daily News, 4/7/11 
Lamesa 11 KCBD, 4/6/11
Leander  213  Austiin American-Statesman, 3/22/11 
Lewisville  422  Dallas Business Journal, 4/25/11 & Who is Playin, 4/14/11 
Lubbock  70  Lubbock Avalanche Journal, 3/27/11 
Magnolia  179  KHOU, 3/23/11
Marshall  18  KTBS, 4/19/11 
New Braunfels  127  KSAT, 4/7/11
North East 69  WOAI, 4/12/11
Northside 973  San Antonio Express-News, 4/27/11
Pasadena  340  Houston Chronicle, 4/6/11
Pharr-San Juan-Alamo  The Monitor, 4/8/11 
Plainview 10  KCBD, 4/6/11
Plano  344  Dallas Morning News, 3/29/11 
Post KCBD, 4/6/11
Round Rock 280  Fox 7 Austin, 3/25/11
San Angelo  35  San Angelo Standard-Times, 3/26/11
Santa Maria  26  KRGV, 4/13/11
Shallowater  KCBD, 4/6/11
Slaton KCBD, 4/6/11
Socorro 100 El Paso Times, 4/10/11
Somerset  73  San Antonio Express-News, 4/12/11 
Spring Branch  350  Springbranch ISD, 4/6/11
Tornillo 13 El Paso Times, 4/10/11
Waco  200 KXXV, 4/8/11
West Oso  20 KIII, 3/10/11
 Wichita Falls 134  Wichita Falls Record-News, 4/2/11
Wyline (Abilene)  KTXS, 4/5/11 
TOTAL  12,353   

UPDATE #1: Diboll ISD, 5 more. New total – 12,358. Source – KTRE, 4/27/11

UPDATE #2: Refugio ISD, 14 more. New total – 12,372. Source – Refugio Country Press, 4/25/11

This information should make any Texans furious!!!! This is from mismanagement of the state by the ruling party-The Republicans. To give a cut in property taxes and say that sales tax would make up the difference was insane. The Comptrollers Office told them it would not work before they passed it during the last Legislative session but they ignored the Comptroller who is a member of their own party. The Republican Party would rather give tax cuts and allowances to the rich in Texas and ignore the facts about Texas Education. We have one of the highest drop out rates in the Nation. We spend less on our students.

If this trend continues in Texas, Texas Universities will have to stop accepting Texans as students because they will be so far behind any other students unless they attended a private school.  A Good Public Education should be a Mandate from the State not just a worthless phrase passed around to make them sound good. Cut the loop holes in state taxes, stop not collecting taxes from major corporations in Texas, stop giving tax deals to the wealthy, quit siphoning funds from our schools to pay for other projects in Texas and FUND OUR SCHOOLS!!!!!


Texas Progressive Alliance Weekly Round Up

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Letters From Texas rolls its collective eyes about the word games played by the Republicans in charge, as they announce their Senate subcommittee to find “non-tax revenue.” Earth to Republicans: if we used to own it, but now the government owns it, it’s a tax.

Musings looks ahead to 2021 when the Texas economy is in the ditch and many thousands of children have had a substandard education. Do we solve the problem now, or wait until we go to the ballot box in Nov. 2012?

Lightseeker tries to put the present battle into perspective with his posting at TexasKaos, Connecting the dots: Killing Education, Killing Unions, Funding the Tea Partiers [revised]. Give it a look. The videos are worth the price of admission by themselves!

WCNews at Eye On Williamson has this to say about the austerity budget that the House passed out of committee this week, House Appropriations passes budget – tea party blamed for cuts.

In the latest post regarding the poll he’s conducting on the mortgage interest tax deduction, PDiddie at Brains and Eggs explains why he has never owned a home.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme warns that republicans are near their goal of killing public education for k-12 and at the university level.

Neil at Texas Liberal apologized for ever having voted for Houston City Councilmember C.O. Bradford for any public office. Neil feels that voting for Mr. Bradford was one of the worst ballot box mistakes he has ever made.

refinish69 is ever amazed by the stupidity of the Texas Ledge. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Case in point is Rep. David Simpson’s Don’t Touch My Junk Bill.

This week, McBlogger takes a look at what austerity will do to Texas.

Don’t Touch My Junk Bill Filed in Texas

Don't Touch My Junk!!!!

The Texas Ledge just keeps on giving. Republican State Representative David Simpson has filed a bill to make it a crime if a TSA agent touches your junk during a search.  This law would also affect DPS and any local police department. At first, he wanted to make it listed as sexual assault. It will now be listed as official oppression.



Hey Buddy.

Admittedly, David Simpson is kind of cute but I doubt TSA wants to grab his junk.  He might have to worry about Governor Perry but that is another story.

Thank you for wasting Tax Payers Money and Time!!!!

Texas Progressive Alliance Weekly Round Up

The Texas Progressive Alliance’s brackets are still in good shape as it brings you this week’s blog roundup.

WhosPlayin has been focused on City Council elections and the criminal records of two of the candidates, each of whom has assault convictions, and each of whom lied on their ballot application.

Off the Kuff discusses the budget deal that allows for Rainy Day funds to be used to close the current biennium’s shortfall.

DosCentavos compares theMexican shootin’ Missouri legislator and the goings on at the Texas Capitol; and tell us what Dems should be doing.

Bay Area Houston notes When the Galveston County Republican Party Chair slept with teabaggers he woke up with a bad taste in his mouth…..and no job.

Are you in favor of preserving the mortgage interest income tax deduction, or do you favor phasing it out for larger, more expensive homes and/or wealthier taxpayers — or eliminating it altogether? PDiddie wants your opinion at Brains and Eggs.

Musings gives an update on the ground perspective of why schools need more support staff, not less, in order to ensure student success with the new, more rigorous curriculum and testing mandated by the Legislature and SBOE.

WCNews at Eye On Williamson makes clear that the recent “drama” surrounding whether to spend some of the Rainy Day Fund was done for political cover, better known as The Show.

This week, McBlogger takes a look at two crazy people who are, unbelievably, elected officials.

refinish69 is disgusted and dismayed at the stupidity that is the Texas Ledge. Nothing like a Clean Crapper Bill or protecting the ignorant to make the State of Texas proud.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme suspects that Republican hate against Muslims resulted in fires at a Houston Mosque. Republicans have sliced and diced the American public every which way – women, people of color, gays, teachers, nurses, Jews, Muslims and who knows what else. Wisconsin has woken up. Lets hope the rest of America soon follows.

At TexasKaos, lightseeker is Shocked! Shocked! at the new “edited” video that has hit the web. Check out The Media Fail Us Again- of NPR and Editted Videos.

Neil at Texas Liberal came across an example of extreme government direction of our lives.

We Wants to Protect the Ignorant in Texas. Ain’t We a Great State???

The stupidity that is the Texas Ledge is a gift that just keeps giving. Republican state Rep. Bill Zedler has filed a bill to protect teachers or students based on their research into intelligent design or other theories that disagree with evolution.  Is there any need for this type of bill? NO!!!  Research is never discourage in higher learning. Proselytizing or preaching at school is discouraged unless it is a church school.  This is yet another attempt to pander to certain base.

What can you expect from the ding bats in the Texas ledge????



Shooting Teenagers Because They Are Throwing Rocks

I realize that rocks can do damage and can also hurt and even kill people but isn’t there a better solution to teenagers throwing rocks than killing them?  What about tear gas, water cannons, or rubber bullets? Killing teenagers for throwing rocks is barbaric. You are probably asking what third world country has been doing this? It is America.

I just watched a story on NBC where a 17 year old was killed by the National Border Patrol as he attempted to scale the border fence at Nogales, Arizona. A couple of days earlier the Border Patrol was in the area to try and arrest drug runners. I thought the drug cartels and drug runners were armed with guns not rocks.  Couldn’t the agents have moved out of range of the rocks and caught the teenager once he was over the fence? Did they really need to shoot him in the chest as he climbed over?  For god’s sake, he was a teenager!!!

This is not the first and I’m sure it will not be the last time. Earlier this year a 15 year old male was shot in the head as he tried to climb over the fence to enter America. Is Mexico so evil, that we have to kill people crossing the border rather than arrest them? We do not do this at the Canadian border.  Why do we treat Mexican illegal immigrants as if they were terrorist and treat illegal immigrants from any other country differently?

Could it be that they do not speak English? Could it be as simple as the color of their skin? Are Latinos the new race to be hated in the United States?  Don’t the Republicans have enough to keep them busy hating the GLBT community?  Now they support killing teenagers at the border for throwing rocks?  This is not the America I love or the one that I studied about in school.

As of November 16, 2010, over 20 bills and resolutions have been pre-filed for the 82nd Texas Legislature. Texas has a projected budget shortfall of 25 billion dollars but the Republican controlled Legislature want to focus on illegal immigration.  What is wrong with this picture? It is time for our elected officials to wake up and face the actual problems facing the districts they represent.  What about Affordable Health Care for All? What about Quality Education for All Children? What about Equal Rights for All People? What about New Jobs? The list goes on and on but elected officials(not leaders) focus on hot button issues and stir up fear and hatred instead of trying to help America. HOW PATHETIC!!!!