What a Quandary

Posted on 10/08/2012. Filed under: Uncategorized |

There are times I am amazed at the love and caring I see in the world and then times when I am saddened by the hatefulness and insensitivity of people. I see people at my church welcoming people of all races, economic status and living situation with open arms and with a willingness to help in anyway they can. I know this personally as I found Central Presbyterian Church while I was homeless and living in a shelter and they accepted me and loved me for me. I see people willing to sponsor me for AIDS Walk Austin and am overwhelmed with humility and joy at the angels in my life.

Then on the flip side I see individuals who supposedly care about their fellow human beings posting comments about people who are fat are just lazy and should get off their asses, exercise and eat healthy while saying they understand people might have health issues that can cause them to be overweight. I also see people using derogatory language or words that are just hateful and bigoted and it saddens me to think that these same people are some of the first to ask for understanding and love when gong through tough times.

I am not perfect and don’t claim to be. There are times when I might think or even say things I shouldn’t but I am always quick to apologize when I realize I have overstepped boundaries. I have posted things on Facebook and been totally ashamed of myself afterwards and pulled the posts. I might slip up but pride myself on not being condescending and judgmental of others because of their size, their weight, their color, their religion or their economic situation. I have been in too many situations where I have been condemned because of my life, my weight and even condemned myself when I became homeless. I will not tolerate people who claim to be Liberals but show a total lack of compassion for one group or another. I am liberal and try to treat others as I would like to be treated. It is not always easy but it is something I strive to do everyday of my life. It is why I talk about Random Acts of Kindness so often. I don’t expect people to be perfect. I know that is an impossibility but I do expect them to read what they are posting or sending in an email before they hit post or send. They also shouldn’t be surprised when people react negatively to their emails or posts. You never know who you might hurt with a single phrase.

I will get over my anger and sadness over someone’s insensitivity tonight but it is such a sour ending to an otherwise fabulous day. Rant over.


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