What The Hell?????

I ask myself this question all the time. I see the total hypocrisy of the Left and the Right and am astounded. As a Liberal, I bashed Shrub with the best of them and compared him and his minions to the Nazis many times as did many of my blogging friends. When Hank Williams Jr. compared Obama to Hitler the internet erupted with outrage!!!!! I might not have liked the comment but Hank is welcome to his own opinions. That is the great thing about America. We can disagree but still love our country.

Everyone is also outraged that Representative Mike O’Neal using the term Mrs. Yo Mama to refer to Michelle Obama. Am I offended by the statement and email. Of course, I am but I also took pot shots at Laura Bush and OMG the comments I and others have made about Barbara Bush well, I will not repeat them here.

Personal attacks and sarcasm are part of politics but I cannot understand how each side can get so damn offended at the other while we all continue to do the same thing. I call Rick Santorum Frothy. I questions Gingrich when he talks about the sanctity of marriage but divorces a wife with cancer. Hell, I have nicknames for all of them and still call them assholes, bastards and anything else I can think of when commenting on them and their policies.

Now everyone is on their damn high horse about Tim Tebow being religious and bowing in prayer after a successful play or game. Who are we to judge this young man for having a strong belief and not being afraid to show it? I might not agree with all of his beliefs about social issues but I respect him. He is not some fanatic saying all gays must die and that we caused hurricanes. He doesn’t or hasn’t gotten involved in politics except for the anti-abortion commercial for the Superbowl last year. One of my best friends is anti-abortion but I still love her and respect her mind and soul. She is extremely “Liberal” except for this one issue. Should I belittle her or deride her because of a personal beliefs? Hell NO!!!!! I actually agree with her that women should know and be educated about all options before choosing an abortion. I just think a woman should be the ultimate judge in this.

I guess this rant is about reality. I am more concerned with the actual issues and want to make things better for all people. I am sure I will keep making off color comments about politicians and comparing them to criminals from history. I am sure the people who support opponents of my candidate of choice will do the same. I how ever will talk about issues and how they affect everyday people including myself.

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