Do They Know It’s Christmas

I have to ask myself that question all the time during the Holiday Season but especially this year. I see politicians fighting and never really getting anything done to help the people they represent. I see millions being spent on campaigns built on hate and bigotry. I see companies like Lowes pulling advertising from a show about American Muslims because a Conservative group threatens them. What is this world coming to?????

I will be the first to admit I am scared of the future. I see Tea Party candidates still getting traction and people either ignoring their vileness and bigotry or saying they cannot possibly stay in power long. Isn’t this what the Intelligentsia of Germany said about the Nazis? Their campaign was built on hatred and bigotry and false or extreme country pride. Have we really forgotten our history that much????



I constantly try and fond the good side to the world. I vote for candidates who I think will make a difference ad protect the poor, children, women and so many other areas of our population. The fact that we have children starving in America and living in shelters and in cars is a sin!!!! It is especially heinous considering so many of the top corporations are paying no taxes or getting millions in tax cuts while people in America sleep in boxes. How has this country come to this????


Please think of the less fortunate this Holiday Season. Make a donation to the local homeless shelter,. Take some non perishable food goods to the local food bank. Call different hospitals, hospices, or elder care centers and find out if there are people who have no family for the holiday and take them a small gift. Reach out and show that we do actually care for each other.

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