Texas Update! We Are In A Severe Drought Situation! ACT LIKE IT STUPID!!!!!

The majority of Texas is in a drought situation. Everything from severe to extreme. I am stunned that in most areas affected by the drought we are still under voluntary water restrictions. Are we waiting till we have no water???? I ride the buss around town and see people watering their lawns, sprinklers running in graveyards, and watching business hose down their sidewalks.  I have only one thing to say to this. WHAT THE FUCK?????

Governor Perry had a state pray for rain day that didn’t do a damn thing about the drought but has he spoken up and asked all counties to go to drastic water conservation plans???? Of course not. It wouldn’t look good for his aspirations to run for President. Have any of the other elected officials demanded strict water conservation? No! They keep waiting for the Water Management Departments in each area to piss off homeowner associations and the general public.

It is time for Texans to take this situation in hand and act like adults. call your mayor, your city council and you water management and ask them to declare stricter water conservation programs. This is necessary for our state!!!!

I have lived through severe droughts not only here in Texas but in North Carolina where I grew up. I will share a few of the things I know about conserving water. Some you have heard before but I bet quite a few will not only be new but shock you just a little.:)

  • Stop Washing Your Car!!! Who cares how dirty your car is when we might not have water to drink?
  • Stop Watering Your Lawn. I know you love that green lawn that you have to sweat like hell to water and cut but get a fucking grip. Status doesn’t count for crap if you have no water to drink.
  • Put a Brick in The Tank of Your Toilet. Your toilet will still flush everything away but the amount of water saved will be significant. If you don’t have a brick, buy one or pick a large stone from your garden.
  • Take Shorter Showers. No longer can you afford to stand in a long soaking shower. I love them as much as anyone but reality is reality.Even better, wet yourself down, cut off the water, soap up and clean yourself, and then turn water on to rinse. You can get shower heads with a feature to be able to stop water flow or you can do it straight from the shower controls.
  • Stop Using Dishwashers Wash your dishes in the sink. Only fill the water high enough to wash and then rinse all at one time after washing instead of each piece one at a time.
  • Only Wash Full Loads of Clothes Washing one or two pieces of clothing because you want to wear it that evening is stupid!!!! Find something else to wear and get over it.

The next suggestions are ones that I have seen used in the past and are great for those with small vegetable and flower gardens, hanging and potted plants outside you don’t want to lose.

  • Close the Drain While Showering  The water in the tub can be used to water gardens and flowers. Scope it out with pots, pans, or water pitchers. Then take it outside and pour on the plants you are trying to save. Means you might need to give up the antibacterial soaps but you really don’t need them anyway. This goes for folks taking baths as well. Clean is Clean!
  • Save The Water From Washing And Rinsing Dishes Here again you need to switch to regular soap instead of antibacterial but how nasty is your kitchen anyway? Scope out the water the same way and water your flowers.
  • Check for Leaks Check all faucets and pipes for leaks and repair them.
  • Grow a Beard. Budweiser had a campaign going for men not to shave from May 17th through June 5th to save a million gallons of water. Well, I think we need to do it in Texas while this drought is going on. I hate growing a beard because mine is all gray, makes me look older and is hot but to save water, I’m willing. Get an electric shave and use that if you have to shave. I think I will invest in a good one when I can.

This next suggestion is going to sound really gross but it does work. This was one they used at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill back when I was a teenager.

  • If  It Is Yellow, Let It Mellow. If It Is Brown, Flush It Down sounds gross but it saves water. Also quit using your toilet as a trashcan or ashtray. Flushing the toilet to get rid of tissue when you blow your nose or as an ashtray to put out cigarettes or whatever you are smoking is nuts and wastes lots of water.

This video gives another great idea for saving water.

Pee in the shower!!!!

Remember this is a natural disaster and we have to do our part. This will not be solved by someone else. We have to do out part. Start Conserving Now!!!!!

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