It Does Get Better

Being gay or lesbian is a wonderful thing. But for those just coming out or to terms with themselves it can be frightening. They have to deal with their own fears, uncertainty and confused emotions.

I know how difficult this can be. I cam out at the age of 15 in a small town in North Carolina. I dealt with hate and even violence but things got better. I found people who loved me for me and excepted me know matter who I loved. As I have gotten older, it has become even more wonderful!!!! It Does Get Better!!!!

If you are a youth trying to deal with these issues, there is help out there. Find a church that is totally divers and totally inclusive. Find a GLBT Youth group, Lambda Legal Youth OUTreach or a PFLAG group who can welcome you with open arms and get you to groups who can help.  here is a site that has many links to Gay Youth Organizations. Please find thehelp you need. Know you are loved and it will get better!!!!

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