George W. Bush Disgraces Himself Yet Again

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Today President Obama will visit Ground Zero and lay a wreath after the killing of Osama bin Laden. He will also meet with families and survivors of 9/11. President Obama extended an invitation to former Presidents Clinton and Bush. President Clinton was unable to attend due to schedule conflicts Which can be understood somewhat even if I think he should have cancelled anything to be there. What really upsets me is Bush’s excuse!

George W. Bush is known for loving the spotlight and showing up for photo ops his entire time in politics. Now when an event of this magnitude happens, he has decided to stay out of the spotlight in his post presidency. What a crock of shit!!!!  Bush and his regime are responsible for thousands of deaths by starting two wars that had nothing to do with terrorism. Instead of using special forces to track down terrorist and wiping them out, he sent our men and women to die in needless wars. We then have to consider the thousands and thousands of American soldiers sent back disabled from the 2 wars. This blood and suffering is on Bush and his regimes hands!!

How dare the President who used 9/11 as a reason to start 2 wars and as a campaign slogan refuse to attend today’s ceremony. This is the action of a coward. He is a chicken shit who by this action admits what the rest of the world already knows. George W. Bush will go down in history as the WORST PRESIDENT in United States History.


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