Month: February 2011

Texas Progressive Alliance Weekly Round Up

The Texas Progressive Alliance would like to thank the Academy for this week’s blog roundup.

Off the Kuff published an interview with Chris Barbic, founder and CEO of the YES Prep charter schools, which included a discussion of what the looming budget cuts will do to charter schools.

Doing My Part For The Left is having a greeting card event. Refinish69 thinks it is time to Send Republican Senators and Representatives a Greeting Card to thank them for the work they are doing.

WCNews at Eye On Williamson points out that the he GOP’s wish is coming true – the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, Plutocracy, or the 30 year class war on working and middle class Americans.

Nat-Wu analyzes the Tucson shootings and the guns on campus bill before the Texas legislature.

From Bay Area Houston: “Teabaggers are the most dangerous, ignorant, disrespectful bunch of people on the planet.”

No one fails quite like Mucous.

The Texas Cloverleaf speaks out against concealed firearms on Texas campuses.

Public Citizen’s TexasVox asks who the real sacred cows are in the Texas and Federal budget, replying that the obvious answer are the corporate welfare queens making profits off fossil fuel subsidies.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme calls out the Dallas Morning News for siding with the Koch brothers against hard working people.

Lightseeker over at TexasKaos thinks he knows what game the Republicans are playing at and what the Democrats are trying in reply. Check out Shock and Awe and The Democratic Strategy Going Forward.

Redistricting endangers several Texas House representatives, Democratic as well as Republican. The mapmakers may need long knives instead of sharpened pencils (since we can all do maps online now). PDiddie at Brains and Eggs summarizes the opening of “negotiations”.

Neil at Texas Liberal discussed the fact that he will soon be taking an airplane trip.


Send Republican Senators and Representatives a Greeting Card

Sick to death of the crap in your local Congress of even sicker of the crap in DC?  Let the Republicans know you are not happy about what they are doing to the budget.  Cutting spending is one thing but cutting programs that help children, sick and elderly is not the way to balance the budget.  Let them know what you think by sending them a lovely card with the following quote inside:

“A roomful of assholes arguing over whose dick is the biggest isn’t too effective at getting shit done.”


You can sign the card as “A Concerned Parent, Out of Work, Retired, Disabled Constituent ..etc.


Medicine Mixing Alert

Most people know not to mix certain medicines without consulting their doctors.
Some medicines cannot be mixed with certain  foods… and  certainly most of us know not
to mix certain medicines with alcohol… although, some  people think
that mixing alcohol and medicine is harmless.
As a public service the AMA and Health Canada have recently
published a new warning being distributed via pamphlets in pharmacies across the U.S.
and Canada Below is one such pamphlet:
received in an email

Why, Oh, Why Can’t Love Be Simple?

Why,Oh,Why Can’t Love Be Simple? It seems so simple when we think about it but then reality hits. It is hard work. We cuddle the ones we love in our hearts and soul while accepting small faults or what we think are faults. We nourish their spirits through good and bad times as they nourish and help us grow at the same time. There mig…ht be rough times when we aren’t as loving as we should be because of slights we perceive but then a smile , a hug or a laugh bring us back to reality and we start working again. 

Why,Oh, Why Can’t Love Be Simple? We want to share our love with the world but reality hits us in the face. Our happiness and joy bring people around us who are desperate for what we offer but don’t have the capacity to love in return. They destroy the one thing they are seeking. Love is something you must have in yourself in order to be able to accept love and joy and share the same with another. These people are drawn to our love but don’t love themselves enough to be able to share in the joy of the world. We can pray for them but their negativity is not something our souls can endure.

Why,Oh,Why Can’t Love Be Simple? Because if it were simple, it would not be the treasure we cherish above all others.