Shooting Teenagers Because They Are Throwing Rocks

I realize that rocks can do damage and can also hurt and even kill people but isn’t there a better solution to teenagers throwing rocks than killing them?  What about tear gas, water cannons, or rubber bullets? Killing teenagers for throwing rocks is barbaric. You are probably asking what third world country has been doing this? It is America.

I just watched a story on NBC where a 17 year old was killed by the National Border Patrol as he attempted to scale the border fence at Nogales, Arizona. A couple of days earlier the Border Patrol was in the area to try and arrest drug runners. I thought the drug cartels and drug runners were armed with guns not rocks.  Couldn’t the agents have moved out of range of the rocks and caught the teenager once he was over the fence? Did they really need to shoot him in the chest as he climbed over?  For god’s sake, he was a teenager!!!

This is not the first and I’m sure it will not be the last time. Earlier this year a 15 year old male was shot in the head as he tried to climb over the fence to enter America. Is Mexico so evil, that we have to kill people crossing the border rather than arrest them? We do not do this at the Canadian border.  Why do we treat Mexican illegal immigrants as if they were terrorist and treat illegal immigrants from any other country differently?

Could it be that they do not speak English? Could it be as simple as the color of their skin? Are Latinos the new race to be hated in the United States?  Don’t the Republicans have enough to keep them busy hating the GLBT community?  Now they support killing teenagers at the border for throwing rocks?  This is not the America I love or the one that I studied about in school.

As of November 16, 2010, over 20 bills and resolutions have been pre-filed for the 82nd Texas Legislature. Texas has a projected budget shortfall of 25 billion dollars but the Republican controlled Legislature want to focus on illegal immigration.  What is wrong with this picture? It is time for our elected officials to wake up and face the actual problems facing the districts they represent.  What about Affordable Health Care for All? What about Quality Education for All Children? What about Equal Rights for All People? What about New Jobs? The list goes on and on but elected officials(not leaders) focus on hot button issues and stir up fear and hatred instead of trying to help America. HOW PATHETIC!!!!

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