National Coming Out Day!!!!

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Today is National Coming Out Day.  It is a time to celebrate those who have come out and be supportive of all those questioning and struggling with their own coming out. Coming out is never an easy thing for anyone and the horrid stories of Gay Teen Suicides the last couple of weeks are not new.  Pain, suffering, shame, self-hatred and hatred by families and friends are just some of the things people go through when they come out.  It is not all Pride Parades and parties.  It is a long and sometimes bitter fight to accept yourself first and foremost.

Today is the first day of the GLBT calender each year for me.  It is a time to remember the painful and sometimes funny stories of coming out.  It is also a time to be supportive of those still working their way through the process.  We can be supportive and answer question and lend a shoulder when needed.

Here is only one story from my many layered coming out process.

I still love telling of when I finally told my mom officially.

The reasons I felt I had to tell my mom are not important as they are in the past but what happened those two days is hilarious.  We had gone to Raleigh,NC to see a friend and for mom to have her hair done.I had decided to tell mom that night but as she was getting her perm and color, Trish and I went to a restaurant and started in on Manhattan Ice Teas.  I drank several as I told Trish and then after we picked up mom I had several more trying to build Dutch courage.:)When I finally started seeing 4 of everything, I gave up and went to bed.

I awoke at 4am with the worst hangover of my life and still had not told mom and I was moving out of state in 3 days.  I made coffee and set there starting into the cup as if it was the nectar of the Gods.   I look up to see mom drudging down the hall in her housecoat looking like hell.  She pours herself a cup of coffee and never says a word.  I beak the silence. “I have something to tell you.”

Mom snarls,”What?”

“I’m Gay”

Mom in a tired hungover voice replies, “I don’t care. You’re my son and I love you. Plus I’ve know sine you were 13.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?” I ask.

“I know your temper and there was always the chance I was wrong.  I really do have to get ready to head back to Tarboro.”  With that line she starts off down the hall and then stops.  All I could think was that it has finally hit her what I said.

Mom turns around and comes back to the kitchen, puts down her cup and turns to me.  I am freaking out by this point.  Next thing I know I am enveloped in a sweet motherly hug as mom says “I do love you but I have to get ready.”  With that she accepted me and told me she loved me.

We had future discussions and even arguments about my being gay but have always able to get back to that hug and those words.  I’m a lucky man.

This story and others can be found at Sharing Our Coming Out Stories.  Please feel free to share your stories here.

Coming out should be a Celebration!!!!!




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