Whay are Republicans in Texas too Scared to Debate?

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Rick Perry refused to show up for the gubernatorial debate October 3rd because he wants Bill White to release tax records from back in the Clinton days.  He seems to forget that Bill White as mayor of Houston released his tax records but Rick wants him to go back even further.  Sounds like Perry is scared to me.

Along with this you also have every Republican running for office refusing to answer questioners sent to them by most if not organizations in Texas.  Are they scared if they actually say where they stand on issues that the people of Texas will turn against them?  Seems that way to me.

The Republicans running for State Board of Education refused to attend a debate held by League of Women Voters- a nonpartisan organization that has been involved in   Texas elections for decades. On the other hand, The Democratic Candidates are willing to attend a debate where the panel is completely comprised of Republicans.  It seems Judy Jennings and Rebecca Bell-Metereau are more concerned with education in Texas than their opponents.

Democratic SBOE candidates accept yet another debate invitation – by all-Republican panel

Earlier: Republicans turn down debate after debate and hide from voters, claiming sponsor League of Women Voters is “too Democratic”

Note: the following statement is in reaction to yesterday’s announcement (re-posted at the bottom), made by the Texas Business and Education Coalition, that the organization will host a debate of the major party candidates for the SBOE races in districts 5 and 10, marking the first time of many attempts that the Republican nominees for those seats have not ducked a debate invitation.

Harold Cook, a spokesman for both Democratic candidates, said the following today:

“Judy Jennings and Rebecca Bell-Metereau are happy to debate their opponents and face voters any time, anywhere, unlike either of their opponents. There is no stronger evidence of this than the Democrats’ willingness to enthusiastically participate in a debate at which Bill Hammond, one of Texas’ leading Republicans, is among the moderators. The other two moderators have voted in Republican primary elections as well, leaving little doubt that the Republican SBOE candidates are only playing because they’ve stacked the deck.

“Despite the fact that the Republican SBOE candidates are simply exploiting this opportunity to claim that they are also willing to debate, Jennings and Bell-Metereau are nonetheless enthusiastic about the opportunity. They trust that the organizers and moderators will run a fair and enlightening event.

“Contrast that to the Republican SBOE candidates, who ducked a debate sponsored by the well-respected League of Women Voters, and treated as a joke another one sponsored by LULAC, an organization with more than 75 years of proud non-partisan achievement.

“Jennings and Bell-Metereau are more than happy to debate, even if it means participating in a Republican debate. Here’s hoping the two seemingly shy Republican opponents show up ready to admit to their extremist views, even to the Republican allies packing the room.”


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