Big Bad John Cornyn

Posted on 06/16/2008. Filed under: john cornyn, rick noriega, TX-US Senate |

John Cornyn showed this video at the Texas Republican Convention and showed just how out of touch he is with Texas. He talks about opening government to the people. Yes, we saw as the Republican party gave more tax breaks to big business and screwed the American public but he was all for it. He rooted out crooks? What ones? Haliburton and their no bid contracts? Maybe the Republican legislators or senators who ignored pleas about the abuse at the Veterans Hospitals? I don’t think so.The picture of barbed wire speaks volumes of his stance towards immigration and wanting to build a wall across the Texas/Mexican border. He claims he gave support to our troops but we all know this means he supported them by sending them to die in Iraq and voted for every funding bill for the war but not for a time line to bring them home. I am sure you also remember he voted against the new GI Bill to honor our veterans when they get home.

The video as a simple question. As the sun sets on the pecos and six years are running out, is it time to send someone else to DC? There is only one answer. YES!!! Texas deserves a statesman in Washington as our junior senator. Texans must unite behind the campaign of Rick Noriega and send someone to DC who will actually look after the best interest of all Texans and not just the millionaires. Send Rick to DC to help rewrite history so that Texas can say we had a senator who cared not only for our troops but helped bring them home from a senseless war that has turned into a bloody civil war that we should not be involved in. Send Rick Noriega to DC so that Texas has a senator who cares about education and teachers instead of funding programs that only teach for end of year test scores. Send Rick Noriega to DC so we have a senator who will actually vote his convictions and not just follow a party line. Send Rick Noriega to DC so Texas has a senator who actually who stand up for all Texans and all Americans.


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