Remember November 4th?

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Okay, the primary season and the delegate race for the presidential nomination are winding down. Barack Obama will be the Democratic Nominee. First let us thank all the candidates who threw their hats in the ring for the 2008 Democratic Presidential Race. It took a lot of guts, fearlessness or sheer audacity to put themselves out there like that. There have been tense moments, angry words, incredible screw ups and even some laughs. Who can forget this great video from Mike Gravel’s campaign.

Even here in Texas, we had candidates we supported in the primary who did not win but opened up discussions on all types of issues. We now have to put the primary season behind us and gear up to win BIG in November!!!

We all have to come together to elect Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States. We cannot let John McCain , with his promise of leaving our troops in Irag for 100 years, in the White House. His total lack of support for Women’s Rights or Equal Rights for anyone makes him the worse choice any America can make. We need a leader who wants to try and bridge the way between the extremes and put America on path to greatness again.

There are so many down ticket races across the Texas that are vital to win to make Change in Texas and America possible. Here are just a few that I am really interested in seeing win for a better America.

PhotobucketRick Noriega

Rick Noriega is running in Texas to bring real representation to Texas in the US Senate. He has served 5 times in the Texas Legislature and has proven his is a friend to all Texans. His support for our troops, children, education, women’s rights and equal rights for all make him the obvious choice for Texas but it is going to take all of us working together to get him elected. While Rick is away for the next two weeks with the National Gard, his wife, Melissa with the help of other Texans are trying to fill his boots while he cannot campaign. They have set a goal of raising $50,000 in two weeks to take Texas back. If you can help, please donate to help take Texas and America back

PhotobucketLarry Joe and Joanne Doherty

Larry Joe Doherty is running for TX-US Congressional District 10 and needs all our support to get elected. Every Democrats in Texas should be willing to help out and send someone to Washington who will try and make things better not only for Texans but for all Americans.

PhotobucketGlen Melancon

Glen Melancon
is running for TX-US Congressional District 4 and everyone knows we need better representation from Texas than Ralph Hall, Glen needs our help and our support no matter who we supported in the presidential race.

We, as Texans and Americans can make a huge difference in November but we have to put the presidential primary behind us now and work together as a team. We might not have agreed on who we wanted at the top of the ticket or even on some of the spots down ticket but we all agree that the Republicans have nearly destroyed America and Texas. We can do something about this in 2008. The record turnout for the March Primary shows that Texans are sick and tired of the status quo. Now it is up to us Texans with some help from others to show what we can do and turn this state and America Blue again!!!

We have seats we can take in the Texas Legislature and finally take back the majority and move Texas forward instead of selling our children, our highways, and everything else we value in Texas to the highest bidder. Here are just a couple examples of races where we can make a huge difference.

PhotobucketDiana Maldonado

Diana Maldonado is running in TX-HD52. She is running for the seat that Mike Krusee decided he would rather retire from that run against a strong Texas woman. Diana has experienced as an elected official on the Round Rock School Board. She believes in Texas and Texans but needs our help to get elected. You can volunteer to help out her campaign and/or make a contribution to help get this strong Texas Woman elected.

PhotobucketSherrie Matula

Sherrie Matula is another great example of a strong Texas woman running for Texas Legislature who can make a difference in the lives of Texans if we help her. She is running for TX-HD129. Sherrie has a background in Education and I have not met a stronger candidate for the Ledge than her. So lets show Sherrie some love and by love I mean volunteer or donate. Let’s be real it takes money and volunteers to win.

There are many other races here in Texas we can all help with but it will take all Texans working together to bring about the change we want to see. We can be some contentious folks when we are in the heat of a campaign but now we have to keep our eye on the prize and that is November 4th, 2008!!! It is time to come together as Texas and use that fighting Texan spirit to win!!! Let us move forward as a Team and Take Texas Back!!!


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