Will Republicans Return Rev. Hagee Hate Money?

Posted on 05/29/2008. Filed under: 2008 elections, john cornyn, John McCain, rick noriega, TX-US Senate |


John McCain was quick(well sort of) to throw Rev Hagee under the Straight Talk Express but I wonder just how fast he plans to send back the money he took from him?


The Straight Talk Express has had to move to fund raisers featuring old Shrub from fancy locations like the Phoenix Convention Center and a Hotel Ballroom in Utah to private homes since they couldn’t sell enough tickets to guarantee more attendees than protesters, John might be a little strapped for cash. We all know the fund raising gimmick in Florida last year didn’t work.

I wonder how many of these other fine upstanding Republicans will return Rev. Hate- oops Hagee’s hate money to him. You know John Cornyn is always talking about how much he cares about Veterans but always seems to come out smelling like a cow pie when the truth is known. Now of course old Box Turtle has been mighty quiet about Rev. Hagee.


It seems like Texans have a clear choice. They can either vote for two losers who will take hate money from Hagee or we can elect Democrats who actually care about Texas and Texans. I know I’m voting for Rick Noriega for TX-US Senate as well as whoever gets the Democratic Nomination for President.


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