Dobson’s Gang New Ad:If you aren’t straight, you are a sexual predator

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By Cody Jones

Here in the Great (and likely key piece of Obama’s electoral victory map)State of Colorado , Gay rights groups are facing a new challenge, and they need your help. First, the background: the democratically-controlled congress has recently passed Senate Bill 200. The Denver Post is reporting that:

Senate Bill 200 would ban discrimination based on a person’s religious beliefs or sexual orientation — including transgendered people — in places of public accommodation, housing practices, family planning services and 20 other public spheres.

Our governor, Bill Ritter, has exactly 2 weeks, until June 5th, to sign or veto the bill. So far, so good. The problem? As you know,our state is also the home of the uber conservative Focus on the Family, and they are fighting this hard, with hate-based scare-tactics, of course. Their tactic, if you can believe this, has been to claim that this bill will open Colorado public restrooms to sexual predators. Sorta reminiscent of the bogus arguments against the old ERA. Anyways, I honestly can’t find the proper analogy to replicate how revolting this campaign is, so please see below the fold to see the actual ad that Focus on the Family is running here in Colorado:

RADIO :60 05.07.08 “SB200 – Predator” Draft click for audio

SFX: [screen door closing…book bag dropping on table]

ANNCR: If the Colorado Legislature has its way…

GIRL 1: Mom! A man in a dress came into the girl’s bathroom at school today!

ANNCR: We could all be dealing with a new type of predator…

WOMAN: [ambient sound under of woman getting out of car, door close]
Honey, there was a man using the women’s showers today at the fitness
center…I asked the management why?!…They said it was Colorado law!

ANNCR: And instead of our kids worrying about finals and the prom…they’ll have to worry about who’s in the bathroom with them at school.

GIRL 2: [SFX: ambient hall noise, lockers close] No way I’m going in there…I’d rather wait all day than go in there if he’s in there, too.

ANNCR: Most Coloradans understand our children must be protected from
predators. But if Governor Bill Ritter won’t veto Senate Bill 200, all
public restrooms – including those in our public schools – will be open to
anyone…of any sex. The Colorado Legislature, which is under control of
the Democrat Party – has already passed SB200, but Governor Ritter still
has time to veto it. Call the Governor now and ask him to protect our kids
and veto SB200. Call 303-866-2471. That’s 303-866-2471. 303-866-

Brought to you by Focus on the Family Action and Colorado Family

Now, this ad is disgusting on its own merits. And we have made HUGE strides recently turning Colorado blue, but you better believe that us democrats are still outnumbered by republicans and conservative independents. I’ve met Gov. Ritter personally and he is a good guy, but he campaigned as a social moderate: pro-life, etc. So he is going to need a LOT of support behind him to sign this bill.

This bill was ALREADY a compromise to republicans, adding protection to religion as well as sexual orientation. If anyone is versed in this area, i would love some advice as to how to fight this in the comments section; my advice would be to call the Governor’s office at that same number, 303-866-2471, and politely tell them that you are tired of the vicious attacks from the religious right and support Senate Bill 200, protecting Colorado’s LGBT community from discrimination.

Colorado needs your help!

This Diary was originally posted at Daily Kos


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