Michael L. Williams The Idiot Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission

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If there has ever been a reason to make sure someone doesn’t get reelected it is the out and out LIES that Michael Williams is telling the good people of Texas. He has his own blog where he will say anything to sound dumb.

Here is just an example:

Who’s making money from these high gasoline prices?

Who’s getting fat from higher crude oil and gasoline prices?

The Saudi, Russian, Venezuelan, etc. nationalized oil companies. They own 75% of the world’s crude oil reserves. Exxon, the veritable villain for high gasoline prices, controls less than 3% of world reserves.

The pump price is comprised of four components. The main one is the cost of crude oil. As a share of the retail price we pay at the pump, the cost of crude oil has risen dramatically to historic levels since 2000.

Which means the Saudi royal family, Chavez and others are making money hand over fist as the recipients of the lion’s share of what we pay at the pump

So Exxon only controls 3% of the crude oil but posted the largest quarterly and annual profit in history for an American Company in February of 2008.
That little 3% raked in 11.66 billion dollars in the fourth quater of last year for a total profit of 40.61 billion for 2007.

Now Michael Williams wants you to think that the major oil companies like Exxon are are not gouging the American public because distribution and marketing profits have “slid” from a high of 13% in 200 to 8% currently. Williams is also claiming that refining cost and profits have remained at 8% from 200 to 2008. How damn dumb does he think Texans are? We know what we are paying at the pump and no company can post an increase in profits in one quarter of 14% if profit is remaining the same. It seems Mr Williams has a bad case of Republican mathitis( any lie will do to make the corporate giants look good).

I am thinking the Daisetta Sinkhole must have taken part of RRC Williams brain down the drain.

Oh and if you want to blog for brain dead Williams he will also give you a great sign for your blog.


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One Response to “Michael L. Williams The Idiot Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission”

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Perhaps the real numbers will clarify the issue. For every dollar spent at the pump, 79 cents goes to buy the crude oil, 17 cents go to taxes, and 4 cents go to the oil companies. To say record profits are proof of corruption is ignoring the fact that we have record sales of gasoline. To suggest that 4% of the price is the reason for high gas prices makes even less sense than saying 6.5% sales tax is the reason for high costs of anything…a red herring to say the least. Honest people see this for what it really is; an attempt by the liberals to socialize, er….that is NATIONALIZE the oil industry by convincing the ignorant masses that the oil companies are responsible for the high costs and need to be taken over. For heaven’s sake, if the government messed up the Katrina effort so bad, the last thing we want is the government to run the oil refining. Carter tried that and we paid in inflation rates in the double digits and “No Gas” signs on the pumps. Give it up, Marxism and socialism do not work!

“How do you tell a Communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.” Ronald Reagan. Get a clue!

P.S. The use of “idiot” in the title of this post shows you really are doing your part for the left (By showing us that liberals have to call people names because they can not debate their way out of a paper bag.)

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