The Cheese Tray Awards

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So you are wondering what the Cheese Tray Awards are? It is very simple. One of my favorite sayings is “Do you want some cheese to go with that whine?” I plan to start awarding the Cheese Tray Awards to the biggest whiners in politics and boy do we have a lot of them today.

Let me start with the people behind the resolution to do away with the Texas Two Step. They do not want to go through standard procedures of having their resolution go to the resolution committee at the Texas Democratic State Convention but want it brought to the floor immediately. This nothing more than whining from the Hillary camp yet again that they lost the caucus part of the Texas Two Step and a slap in the face to every Democratic Activist that busted their butts to get people to attend the precinct caucuses and sign in for their candidate.

The email I received about this fired me up enough that I started a Face Book group called I Love the Texas Two Step and created a design for the group.

I Love the Texas Two Step

So the First Cheese Tray Award is presented to the Texas One Step Resolution Whiners!!!


The next group of whiners that really chap my butt are the ones calling for someone- anyone to run against Boyd Richie as Chair of the Texas Democratic Party. Everyone, including Boyd Richie and his wonderful wife Betty, know that I supported Glen Maxey in 2006 in the Chairperson race. I have since then gotten to know Boyd and his wife and have seen the incredible work he has done as our party chairperson and the work Betty has done right by his side. They have traveled all over the state to attend events. Boyd has reached out to the blogging community and even attended the 5 anniversary celebration for Burnt Orange Report. This is not something you would expect from a Party Chairperson in Texas or at least none of the ones we had in the past. The last the the Texas Democratic Party needs in the 2008 election cycle is a change in leadership especially when we have a great Party Chairperson in place.

Boyd Richie For Party Chairperson

So the Second Cheese Tray Award is presented to the Whiners trying to replace a Boyd Richie!!!


Another group that has earned a Cheese Tray Award is LULAC. Although they have done great work in the past, they have now become the official tool of the Hillary Campaign and have lost their frigging minds. They are suing the Texas Democratic Party and trying to stop the Texas Democratic Convention because they think Delegates should be awarded based on some formula that has nothing with actually voting. Delegates in Texas are awarded based on voter turn out in gubernatorial elections. You vote, you get delegates. You stay home or worse yet have your local mayors endorse a candidate as bad as Gov. Goodhair, you don’t get delegates. It’s really simple and straight forward.

For being total tools of the Hillary Campaign, LULAC gets the Third Cheese Tray Award.


The final Cheese Tray Award goes to the Hillary Clinton campaign and her die hard supporters. Hillary has lost the popular vote, has lost the delegate count including the super delegates and even run the campaign into debt to the tune of 20 million dollars. Her die hard supporters have been sending out emails using the same tactics the Republicans have been using and hinting that Barack Obama is a Muslim and not patriotic. How tacky. Bad enough that Hillary is playing the race card and seems to be running McCain’s campaign for him as she has clearly lost the nomination. To have her henchman, Paul Begala, say that the Obama Coalition is nothing but African Americans and and Eggheads and that blue color voters are what is needed to win the general. I guess Paul doesn’t realize that many of the blue collar works in America are intelligent and African American. I guess one thing Hillary will not tell you is that her double digit win in Ohio actually turns out not to be a double digit win but a single digit win. Turns out she only won Ohio by slightly less than 9%, rather than clearing 10%.

For all the grief, lies and divisiveness of the Hillary Campaign and her die hard supporters, I award them the Triple Cheese Tray Award.



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