It’s 3 AM and Hillary Seems Desperate

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign in Texas and Ohio is taking on a note of desperation that makes Hillary seem less and less Presidential and more and more out to win at all cost-even denying Texas Voters their right to a clear vote in the Texas Precinct Caucuses. Clinton’s campaign has told her supporters in Texas to take control of the precinct convention and refuse to let supporters of any other candidate hold any position of authority. What a way to show how you are willing to work with others. Her campaign has even threatened to sue the Texas Democratic Party of the Precinct Conventions even though Former President Bill Clinton won the majority of delegates in the Texas Precinct conventions in 1992 and 1996.

Hillary’s 3AM commercial is a direct rip off of John McCain’s famous 3AM comercial and is not short of scare tactics.

Maybe it is 3AM and Hillary needs to drop out of the race for the good of the Country and the good of the Democratic Partt since she has decided winning at any cost is more important than working with the people of the Great State of Texas. This is not another notch in a bed post or another line on a resume. This election is about a Leader who can lead America- not break the rules to get what they want.


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2 Responses to “It’s 3 AM and Hillary Seems Desperate”

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What we don’t hear about Obama is what scares me.

This article in the American Thinker is really eye opening and shows his Muslim/Arab leanings or favoritism in the Middle East.

This is a brilliant article:

Personally, this concerns me because I remember what we didn’t know about Bush junior coming into office…and that is Cheney (we didn’t really know him) and Rumsfeld. Then look what happened.

I’m not convinced that he is pro-Israel/anti-Arab extremists, especially after these very well documented articles in the American Thinker.

Also, he was on 60 Minutes last night (3/2/08) and when asked why people would think he is Muslim, he didn’t once mention that both his Father and Stepfather (who he grew up with) are Muslim and that his whole Paternal family is Muslim now. Why would he lie about this…he’s not proud of his family or his Father/Stepfather?

This makes me ask…”will the REAL Barack Hussein Obama please stand up.”

Something else I just read that has disturbed me. Now I’m not Jewish but even I know this is not good for an US Presidential Candidate:

Obama Served On Board That Funded Pro-Palestinian Group

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