Happy New Years From Doing My Part For The Left!!!

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Happy New Years From Doing My Part For The Left!!!

Happy New Years 2008!!! podcast

While everyone is thinking about New Years resolutions, I am thinking about the changes we need in 2008. Yes, I will be making some personal changes but I will also be helping to make changes in Texas and the United States. I will be doing this by being even more active in getting Great Candidates elected. We need new leadership that actually care about People in office and the way to do that is VOTE!!!

Here in Texas we have several interesting races heating up even during the primary season. One of those races if the race for US Senate from Texas. We have Rick Noriega who is the grass roots candidate. Rick was drafted by the people and decided to run. The bloggers and progressives in the state have been doing everything possible to make this a successful campaign and pave the way to getting rid of John Cornyn in Washington. You can join Team Noriega and make a donation to help elect this great man to the US Senate.

Noriega Express

Some other candidates have filed in Texas but are sadly lacking in what it takes to be a Senator much less a leader. We have Gene Kelly- not the dead dance, but the perennial candidate who pays his filing fee just to see his name on a ballot and screw the Texas Democratic Party. I don’t know who pissed him off in the past but it is time for this old buzzard to quit screwing Texas. His antics cost the Barbara Radnofsky campaign an additional 8,000 dollars in the last election cycle when he caused a run off. This does not include the money the Democratic Party had to pay out to run an additional election.

We also have Ray McMurrey who tries to claim that he is a grass roots candidate. Nothing could be further from the truth. He planned to run as an independent and then changed his mind. He welcomed the dead dancer to the primary. Seems like if you are going to be a Democratic candidate for US Senate you would do a little home work about the history of the last few races. McMurrey is a teacher who needs to do his homework. Maybe Kelly and McMurrey can open a dance studio since it seems they have no clue about politics and what Texas needs.

You might have heard about the Craddick Dems who support Tom Craddick and his dictatorial rule of the Texas Legislature. Well, Miss Dawwna Dukes has drawn a primary opponent who is anything but a Craddick Dem. Brian Thompson is a true Progressive who cares about the people in his East Austin district, Texas and will be a welcome addition to the Texas Legislature!!! Make a donation to help this impressive young man become the second openly gay member ever of the Texas Legislature!!!

Listen to the rest of the show to hear about some of the other great candidates and remember to show them some love!!!!

John Edwards (President) $
Rick Noriega (TX-Sen) $
Dan Grant (TX-10) $
Lloyd Doggett (TX-25) $
Senfronia Thompson (TX-HD-141) $
Valinda Bolton (TX-HD-47) $
Mark Strama (TX-HD-50) $
Donna Howard (TX-HD-48) $
TexBlog PAC $
Brian T. Thompson (TX-HD-46) $
Sherrie Matula (TX-HD-129) $
Virginia McDavid (TX-HD-138) $
Jim Neal (NC-Sen) $
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4 Responses to “Happy New Years From Doing My Part For The Left!!!”

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Wow, talk about not doing your homework. How is Noriega a “grass roots” candidate? The guy is a former energy industry lobbyist who is a fifth-term state representative. His website says he was “drafted by activists” in the summer of 2007, but who would believe he hadn’t been thinking about a run long before last Summer? Ray McMurrey has pledged not to take a single dollar from a registered lobbyist – Noriega has not, and certainly will not make this same pledge. Remember, Noriega has already accepted $9,500 from Bob Perry, the financier behind the Swift Boat ads. If Rick Noriega would take money from Bob Perry, he would take money from ANYONE. It’s very easy to call yourself grassroots, but Rick Noriega is the corporate, establishment candidate, make no mistake.

Ray McMurrey, on the other hand, is an actual grassroots candidate. He is not in bed with lobbyists and CEOs, and is not part of the political machine in this state. This means he will actually represent PEOPLE, not pay them lip service. And for all you wannabe progressives out there, anyone who would support Rick Noriega over Ray McMurrey and still call themselves “progressive” is simply posturing. Ray McMurrey wants to end the war in Iraq as soon as possible, favors single payer national health care (not the same as “universal healthcare,”), and favors reform on clean elections. Rick Noriega has not even set down his platform on his website. It looks like wants people to vote for him based on a pair of combat boots and a bunch of articles about his life, not his positions on the issues? Where does this guy stand? I have absolutely no idea, and frankly, it’s insulting to me as a democratic primary voter that this guy thinks he can just run away with the nomination because he’s got the most money.

-Jeff Versteeg

I did my homework. I was a part of the Draft Rick Movement. Rick’s record in the Texas Legislature speaks for itself. He always refused to vote on bills which were a conflict of interest with his job. He supported Women’s Rights, GLBT Rights, and education.

I think Texas is damn lucky to have Rick running against Cornyn. running.

ron paul has more of a chance to get the Democratic nomination for president than Ray McMurrey has for the nomination for senate.

Ray just doesnt know what he is doing. Noble effort, but stupid. Naive. Pollyana.

Running for an office is serious business. It is not something you wake up to.

Sorry Ray, but stick to running for school district. You would probably be real good at it.

refinish, you’re really not doing a good job of supporting your candidate. So you like Noriega because he recused himself from votes on bills that might affect his employer, CenterPoint Energy? What you’re saying is, on bills where the people who elected him wanted their voice to be heard, he had no voice, and in a seat that might have gone to someone who would stand up to big energy, instead there was no one. And you give Noriega credit for voting to support womens’ rights, GLBT rights, and education? Isn’t this the very least we should ask from a candidate in the Democratic Party? Rick’s big problem is that his voting record in the Texas House does not “speak for itself” when it comes to many national issues, e.g. the war in Iraq, national health care, campaign finance reform, and renewable energy. I know Rick thinks he’s got this thing won already, but the least he can do for democratic primary voters is let them know where he stands.

John, your cynicism about a campaign like Ray McMurrey’s is exactly what’s wrong with American politics. Why is it that a regular guy who knows a lot about public policy and politics can’t run for the Senate? Where is it written that primary voters have to cast their votes as party elites, wealthy donors, and fawning quasi-media types direct them to? It’s a shame that you think it’s stupid and naive to want to change things for the better, to try to shake up the standard, boilerplate ideas that the “anointed” candidates are constantly peddling.

Rick Noriega is more of the same, and doesn’t have a chance in hell of beating Cornyn. If you’re alright with just surrendering this seat, why not support someone like Ray McMurrey who is a true progressive? He’s someone who could energize the base, and bring a lot of people into the political process who are not participating right now.

You’d have to be pretty jaded to think that’s stupid and naive, but that attitude typifies a good portion of the Democratic Party these days. That’s why you see most Democrats playing for the middle, instead of pushing farther left. This is what the Republicans did from 1994-2006 when they had the momentum, and look how much success they had. Guys like Rick Noriega lack big ideas, they lack the ability to inspire people like the Dems of the Civil Rights era. We need to seize this moment as a party and make a push for single payer national healthcare, not this watered-down “universal healthcare” that all the major presidential candidates are selling. We need to get out of Iraq NOW, on a hard and fast timetable, and radically redefine our approach to foreign policy. We need drastic action on climate change – we need to sign Kyoto even if it hurts us some, we need everyone to be driving a hybrid in ten years, we need to build mass transit in cities like Austin, even if it loses money (a federal subsidy would go a long way here). I’m not really sure where Rick Noriega stands on these issues, but I’d be willing to bet he doesn’t support any of these positions. The Democrats in Congress are just happy to be there right now, and Rick looks like more of the same to me.

Ray McMurrey has said that he wants to be the Texan Paul Wellstone. That sounds fantastic to me. Did you think Senator Wellstone was stupid and naive while he was alive? Because he happened to be an inspiration to a lot of people, and the only Democrat of his era to have a real vision for the party. I know it’s tough being a Democrat in Texas these days, but greeting the visionaries in the party with cynicism and mockery is not going to get us back in power.

-Jeff Versteeg

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