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To enjoy some music and memories listen to the Doing My Part For The Left Happy Thanksgiving Podcast.

It is Thanksgiving Day and in Austin Texas, I have a lot to be thankful for. This past year has been a very trying year for me. Earlier this year I lost my job, my home and the majority of my personal belongings. Luckily for me, some great people from all over the nation pulled together to get me through the difficult times and in all reality saved my life. They opened their hearts and even wallets to assist me in getting through one of the worst periods of my life.

I am now working again, have a home for the Diva Dogs and I, and will soon be able to start paying back the people who contributed to my very survival when I needed it most. I will be able to start paying back people once I am done paying for some dental procedures that have to be done to get my mouth out of constant pain. LOL

While I can pay back the money people donated, I can never repay or express my true feelings about the love and compassion which was instrumental in my survival. People helping other people is something I have always been involved in but never thought I would be the one on the receiving end. Through the kindness of friends, bloggers, and people I had met through different campaigns, I was able to find the strength and get the help to move from one of the darkest periods of my life to a bright and hopeful future. The wonderful gift these many people gave will always be with me and will be something I am thankful for as long as I live. They give me hope for the future when so many can help someone they barely know. I would list the names but I know some would not want me to do that. You all know who you are and how much I appreciate your kindness and human warmth.

Thanksgiving has always been a special time for me. I love the fun of gathering in the kitchen with a group of people and preparing a large feast for all to enjoy. The cooking is sometimes more fun than the actual meal itself. LOL In the podcast I share some memories of cooking Thanksgiving with my Mom and one of our dear family friends- Christine Peel- who is no longer with us.

Kindness can be such a great gift to share and can be so easy to do. At a brunch a few weeks back, I was sitting at a table by myself at the Hickory Street Café when I saw a couple trying to find a table outside. The place was packed and so I offered them the two seats at my table. I am so glad I did. Brian and Brenda Shirk joined me for brunch and preceded to make it one of the most enjoyable brunches I have been to in years. We discussed everything from religion, politics, relationships and music. Brian is a Austin performer and I was lucky enough to hear him sing at Hickory Street Café the following week. Worrisome Blues is featured in the podcast and is one of Brian’s songs. You can reach Brian at his My Space Page, which I am sure he will be updating soon. LOL Austin has a great live music scene and I will be featuring more local artist in future shows.

I have joined the Capital City Men’s Chorus, which is the gay chorus in Austin, Texas. The holiday show will be December 8th and 9th at Central Christian Church which is located at 1110 Guadalupe and 12th St in Austin. Tickets are available at Capital City Men’s Chorus or people in the Austin area can contact me and buy tickets from me as I have them. The chorus has been a great outlet for me as I can sing and meet great people doing something besides politics. Look for announcements about the Valentine’s Cabaret and the spring concerts as well as GALA in Miami next summer.

I am also thankful for all the great people who speak out to make a difference in the world for others. The political and civil rights activists who put themselves on the front line everyday and spend so much of their energy to make this a better world for all people. I also am thankful for the great people who are running for election or re-election. It is not an easy thing to put yourself on the front line for what you believe in. Any candidate or elected official leaves themselves as an open target. People are always trying to catch them up or convince them into betraying their core values. In America and Texas we are lucky to have some really great candidates running who refuse to lose themselves in the political games. Here are just a few of the great candidates I am supporting and hope you will check out and help as well.

Rick Noreiga has stood by Texans in his 5 terms in the Texas Legislature. He believes in Equal Rights for all Texans and supports Women’s Rights and Education. He represents what a TRUE Leader should be and will be a welcome change from the sorry excuse of a Senator Cornyn is. You can donate to Rick’s campaign at Doing My Part For The Left Act Blue page.

Noriega For Senate

Noriega Express Yard Sign

Dan Grant is running for US Congress to replace Mike McCaul who has been a total rubber stamp for the Republican party line of hatred and political lies. We need a congressman who believes in an America for all Americans and not just the elite. Show Dan some love at Doing My Part For The Left Act Blue page.

You can see some of the other great candidates I am supporting such as Valinda Bolton, Sherrie Matula, Jim Neal and of course John Edwards for President!!! They all need your contributions so they can make a difference and make this a better state and country for all people!!!

John Edwards 2008

Elizabeth Edwards Rocks!!!


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