Mikal Watts Thinks Money Buys Everything

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Mikal Watts wants to buy a US Senate Seat. He has no experience in politics but thinks his money entitles him to one of the highest elected positions that of US Senator from Texas. What is worse than his stances on Choice(womens or the fact that he thinks Gays and Lesbian chose to be gay) and his touting of Republican speaking points when calling for “Clean” steam cell research is his touting that he bought Justices.

Mikal is starting to sound more and more like Cornyn or -god forbid, Shrub everyday. Texas deserves better than this.

clipped from www.chron.com

Senate candidate played up contributions to justices

AUSTIN — Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Mikal Watts of San Antonio once tried to pressure a legal opponent into a $60 million personal injury lawsuit settlement by claiming he would have an advantage on appeal because of his firm’s “heavy” campaign financial support to an appellate court’s justices, “all of whom are good Democrats.”

There is no evidence that his firm’s support of justices of the 13th Court of Appeals in Corpus Christi ever gained him any undue influence.

“This court is comprised of six justices, all of whom are good Democrats,” Watts wrote. “The Chief Justice, Hon. Rogelio Valdez, was recently elected with our firm’s heavy support, and is a man who believes in the sanctity of jury verdicts.”

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