Texas Stonewall Caucus Leaders or What?

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Today I am ashamed to call myself a Gay Democrat in Texas. I should be ecstatic after the Human Rights Campaign and Logo debate on August 9th but unfortunately that is not the case. Oh, I am thrilled about the debate but disgusted at the lack of leadership in the GLBT Community in Texas!

linkThe president of the Texas Stonewall Democrats has been accused of public lewdness after police said he was seen engaged in a sexual act near White Rock Lake.

John Shannon Bailey, 49, of Dallas was spotted by vice officers June 14 in the 800 block of East Lawther Drive.

“He was engaged in a sexual act with a person at that location, outside in a public place,” Dallas police Senior Cpl. Janice Crowther said.

linkJohn Shannon Bailey has stepped down from the board of Stonewall Democrats of Dallas after police ticketed him for allegedly engaging in oral sex with another man in a park near White Rock Lake.

Bailey, 49, is president of Texas Stonewall Democrats, the state’s largest gay political organization. He also is a member of the Texas State Democratic Executive Committee. It was unclear Thursday, June 28, whether the situation would affect his involvement with the latter two organizations.

Contacted Monday, June 25, after his mug shot appeared on a Dallas Police Department Web site in connection with the alleged crime, Bailey declined comment. On Thursday, he did not return a voice message.

The incident occurred at about 11:15 p.m. on June 14 at 800 E. Lawther Drive in Dallas, according to police reports. Sgt. Edward Harvey said the area is well known for cruising by gay men.

Shannon has refused to make any kind of statement to the Stonewall Caucus or to step down. He removed from the board of the Dallas Stonewall Chapter.

Shannon has done great work in the past for Stonewall. I appreciate all he has done but with this cloud hanging over his head he can no longer be an effective speaker for the GLBT Community, our elected officials, or our candidates. He needs to resign but since he will not, he needs to be removed from office.

The Board of the Texas Stonewall Caucus is comprised of the elected officers and the Presidents of the various Stonewall chapters in Texas. While some members of the board have called for action many of the so-called “leaders” have decided that the Texas Stonewall Caucus is a fan club for Shannon. They refuse to take any action to protect the image of the group or its effectiveness in the coming election cycle. The hard work we have put in as Leaders in the Community cannot be thrown away to protect one person from his own stupidity. After 10 members called a meeting, we still have board members trying to stop any discussion of these events. This is ludicrous and makes the Texas Stonewall Caucus look like anything but Community Leaders.

If you are a member of Stonewall in Texas, please contact the “leader” of your chapter and ask them why nothing is being done. Maybe if they hear from enough concerned constituents, they will become the leaders the community elected them to be. I would love to hear the responses. You can post them here or email me at refinish69 at gmail dot com.

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2 Responses to “Texas Stonewall Caucus Leaders or What?”

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Sorry to hear of this, RF. It brings up the perennial issue of what to do whenever a “public representative” does something that should not reflect on other people, but which does.

It just hurts. Especially when you know that person has done many good things that will forever – or for a very long time – be forgotten. The spillover onto other people isn’t easy to deal with; you don’t have a lot of control over that.

Oh, and I hope you won’t stay feeling ashamed very long. I think anger is the preferred feeling here.

My sympathies for your frustration.

I believe GLBT Texans and allies need to stand up and voice their concerns. Though, with Shannon’s refusal to resign, I am not sure what good it does. I am TIRED of people accusing me of not supporting civil rights in this situation. The TSDC board, by asking Shannon to resign, IS NOT ADJUDICATING guilt or innocence. Allegations of this kind reflect poorly on our community. It’s ironic that back in March, Shannon was speaking out against Mike Dupree, saying, “We are part of a minority community that is not well accepted by the general public. So the perceptions we create by our actions in office need to be positive ones that help educate people we are indeed no different from them. From that perspective we have to be a little more cognizant of what we’re doing,” at a time when Dupree wasn’t even accused of anything illegal. Too bad Mr. Bailey can’t follow his own advice, and sadder still, is unable to step down to handle his legal matters and let the Caucus tend to more important matters (oh, I don’t know … like carry out our vision/mission and such).

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