Climb Aboard The Noriega Express

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Join Net Roots Texas as we start the Noriega Express and Send a True Texas Hero to Washington as our next Texas Senator. Rep. Rick Noriega is the Right Leader at the Right Time. Get your ticket on the Noriega Express!!!

Monday, July 16th, Rep. Rick Noriega held a press conference in front of the Alamo Memorial at the Texas State Capital. He announced the formation of the Noriega U. S. Senate Exploratory Committee. Rick began by talking about his drive into town and thinking of Lady Bird Johnson and all she had done for the beautification of America when she answered her call to service to America as First Lady. Then Rep. Noriega spoke of his own call to service.

“Growing up in Houston, my family taught me the importance of serving my community. I’ve been privileged to serve this country as a soldier, my state as an elected representative, and Houston as a community leader focused on education. The call to service has been a big part of my life, and I am taking the next step in answering that call.”

“Standing in the shadows of this monument, I’m reminded of our state’s great tradition of service and our duty to speak out when things have gone off the rails. Today, our nation is headed in the wrong direction, led by those whose choice is to divide American to maintain power. They ignore the will of the people about the war in Iraq. They ignore the needs of the people for health care, college education, and a better standard of living. They ignore the lessons of history: that America’s strength lies in our unity and diversity.”

“John Cornyn represents the worst of these trends. And it is time for him to go.”

Texas needs Rick’s voice in Washington. He will speak for All Americans and not just be a mouth piece for party politics. Rep. Noriega has the wisdom and conscience to look at all sides of an issue and make the right decision. His hard work in the military as a Lieutenant Colonel and as a Texas State Representative have prepared him for the difficult job ahead. America needs more leaders like Rick Noriega to step forward and answer the call to service.

Please join me and the net roots Noriega Team as we work to climb aboard the Noriega Express. The time has come for Texas to have a True leader in the Senate. Rick Noriega is that Texas hero and we need him and he needs us. Be one of the First 800 People to Join Team Noriega and climb aboard the Noriega Express. It is up to us to help Rick Take Texas and America in a new direction.

Noriega’s priorities are in order as the Dallas Morning News piece shows when it contrast his announcement with the GOP activities.

Democratic state Rep. Rick Noriega of Houston said Monday that he is considering a run at U.S. Sen. John Cornyn. The Texas Army National Guard officer served a year in Afghanistan and said his campaign would be answering “a call to service” and “cry for leadership,” especially concerning the war in Iraq.
Mr. Noriega, who also served in the response to hurricanes Katrina and Rita and along the border, said the top issue in the race would be the war. The four-term state lawmaker called Mr. Cornyn “the No. 1 cheerleader for this administration for a variety of failed policies.”
“When our country is on the wrong course, when we are off the rail, we are called and obligated to answer that call of service,” said Mr. Noriega, 49. “Stubbornness is not a foreign policy.”

Sen. Cornyn and the Texas GOP still think Texans are ready for more of the status quo.

A few blocks away, Mr. Cornyn stood with Gov. Rick Perry and GOP state chairwoman Tina Benkiser, saying that the Republican Party represents the views and values of Texans. The group announced the formation of the Texas Victory 2008 committee, which hopes to raise millions in support of GOP candidates. Former Secretary of State Roger Williams, who resigned from the nonpartisan office last month, was named chairman of the Republican effort.

Help Texas and Rick Noriega send a clear message that the status quo is not acceptable. Texans and America deserve better than the rubber stamp senator. Texas deserves the Right Leader at the Right Time. Join Net Roots for Noriega and make a donation.

Read what Richard Morrison, the man who began the end of the reign of Tom Delay in TX-22 said in a letter he sent out for the campaign.

Lt Col. Rick Noriega is our candidate and we are asking for your support. 800 donors is a statement that we are tired of politics as usual in Texas.

Tired of the politics of the fat wallet and the usual talking points. Tired of being told that Republicans rule in Texas and the only way for a Democrat to win is to act like a Republican.

Today, all that changes. If you will help Rick Noriega change it.

Catch the Noriega Express.


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