Shrub is Full of It Again

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Shrub must think America is as stupid as Laura to keep believing all his lies. He now blames Democrats for the immigration bill failing when it was his own party that scuttled it. Then he has the nerve to blame the Democratic Congress for not passing spending bills. He is trying to label Democrats as Tax and spend but seems to forget it was his regime that destroyed the surplus we had and ran the country into debt higher than ever before.

Shrub is a credit card conservative who spends and spends and doesn’t pay his bills. Thank goodness the sorry piece of trash will be out of office in 2009. Then maybe we can get things back in order.

clipped from

War Between Bush, Democratic Congress
by The Associated Press

(Washington) President Bush accused
Democratic lawmakers on Saturday of being unable to live up to their duties,
citing Congress’ inability to pass legislation to fund the federal government.

are failing in their responsibility to make tough decisions
and spend the people’s money wisely,” Bush said in his
weekly radio address. “This moment is a test.”

The White
House has said the failure of a broad immigration overhaul was
proof that Democratic-controlled Capitol Hill cannot take on
major issues. “We saw this with immigration, and we’re
seeing it with some other issues where Congress is having an
inability to take on major challenges,” said spokesman
Tony Fratto.

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