Duncan Hunter is in Love with Ann Coulter

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Duncan Hunter actually supports Ann Coulter’s vileness and thinks she is great just because she likes him. What a pathetic little man Hunter must be if he is so desperate for support that he will accept the Hate Monger Princess and embrace her vileness to promote himself.

clipped from www.msnbc.msn.com

Hunter defends Ann Coulter against critics

Republican candidate complains conservatives too often dismissed as mean

WASHINGTON – Republican presidential candidate Duncan Hunter defended conservative pundit Ann Coulter’s incendiary commentary Monday, saying Coulter was “closely approaching that level of being a great American.”

The comments by Hunter, a Republican representative from California, came in an interview on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” where he was asked for his reaction to criticism of Coulter by Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, a Democratic presidential candidate.

“Especially since Ann Coulter said nice things about me, I think she’s closely approaching that level of being a great American,” he said.

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Coulturegist A Living Nightmare


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2 Responses to “Duncan Hunter is in Love with Ann Coulter”

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Few things.

1) Since Sharpton is close to Sean Hannity, the “Great American” was a sly little reference.

2) Hunter actually raised a valid point; liberal commentators like Olbermann and Maher routinely say far more vile and outrageous things than Coulter, yet she is the only one who should be silenced? Free speech is a two-way street. Sorry if that’s too harsh of a concept for you to grasp.

I agree that Maher’s comment about Cheney was not acceptable either. His one comment can in now way compare to the vileness that has spewed forth from the Hate Monger Princess since the right wing has adopted her as their spokes person.

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