Have Democrats Become Cowards?

Posted on 05/11/2007. Filed under: democrats, edwards for president. 2008 elections, glbt rights, john edwards, lgbt rights, pro-choice, women's issues. personal autonomy |

Since I have started blogging and the internet has become such a vital part of political campaigns, I have had to deal with Bigotry, Ignorance and Intolerance not only from the Republican Party but also from the Democratic Party but the comment below was the last straw.

“Let’s get John Edwards elected and stop bringing up homosexuality and abortion, most people should know by now where he stands on these issues. He certainly is not going to be elected on these issues, unless he decides all of a sudden he is against Roe vs. Wade, as Romney did, so he could get the religious right’s vote.”

The comment was not made by a campaign staffer.

How dare anyone suggest that the GLBT Community or people who are concerned about personal autonomy on health issues go back into the closet or just keep quiet. Are Democrats now so afraid to stand up for Equal Rights? Has the Democratic Party lost its spine and is willing to sell out America when it comes to personal autonomy or civil liberties? Sadly, many Democrats are cowards just as the Inteligencia of Germany was as Hitler began his rise in power. They would rather sit back and say “Oh, no that could not be happening” instead of being brave and stepping forward to battle the ultra conservatives and religious right and protect America. They remind me sadly of the people in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s who wanted other minorities to wait for the right time to ask for Civil Rights.

Why do people not understand that every time the Republican Party strips away another Civil Liberty, passes another amendment to a state constitution that legalizes discrimination, strips away another facet of Roe vs. Wade or makes it harder for a person to have their living will honored that America heads down a slippery road to a land where personal freedom and security are a thing of the past? How many years will it take to correct the mistakes of the past decade or more of the Religious Right and Republican destruction of the Constitution and everything America supposedly stands for? With Democrats who are willing to sell out minorities or watch their personal rights stripped away just to appease ultra conservatives and religious bigots, I highly doubt the damage will ever be repaired but will get much worse.

I am proud to say that John Edwards has been the leading candidate for speaking out against what the Bush Regime is still trying to do as they face the fact that their power waning. He has spoken out quickly and strongly against the Republican agenda to destroy Rove V Wade, spoke for the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” spoke in favor of New Hampshire legalizing Civil Unions without being forced into a court battle to do so, and also against Bush’s love of the veto pen for the Funding Bill for the War in Iraq or The Hate Crimes Bill that was passed by the United States Congress.

Thank you, John Edwards, for being a true Democrat and caring about All Americans, I call on the rest of the Democratic Party to search their conscience and see if they cannot find their spirit and bravery again. The color yellow is only suppose to apply to Yellow Dog Democrats because of loyalty not as a sign of weakness. It is past time for the Democratic Party and Democrats to stop being cowards and actually become a strong Democratic party for All People again.


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