Ask Me About JRE Blogtoon! So it Begins!

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Once again, thanks Refinish for the opportunity to post here.
Paul the polarbear is playing the part of David Bonior. He introduces the audience to the idea of John as a little boy. The information is correct in that JRE was born in Seneca, South Carolina. According to his book “HOME:The Blueprints of Our Lives”, his father had to borrow 50 dollars to pay the hospital so he could bring John home. His father worked in the mill industry and Seneca is a small milltown in South Carolina where his mother’s side of the family resides. According to the book, he moved from town to town because his father had to move with work. from mill to mill. So JRE found some stability and his feeling of “home” with his grandmother in Seneca.According to the same book, when John got older (around the age of 11) he decided he was going to be a lawyer. Among other reasons it was to help people and “save lives”. Now he was considerably older when he actually worked in the mill sweeping floors but I took creative license to meld the two ideas together for the tradional and all too necessary “disneyesque-there’s got to be more” song. It only occurred to me after I drew the first two panels that it reminded me of the Carol Burnett’s character (however slightly) so that idea provided me a much better punchline than the one I was going to go for because in essence (although this is a parody which is protected) it sure looks a lot like her thing (unintentionally but it does).


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2 Responses to “Ask Me About JRE Blogtoon! So it Begins!”

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I Love it!!!!!

Thanks Refin!
I’ll post the next set either tonight or tomorrow-
teaser: what’s a musical without the “love song” number?

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