Mitt Romney Willing to Pay To Get Student Support.

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Well, I never thought the Republican Party or one of their candidates could surprise me but I guess I was wrong. Mitt Romney is so desperate to get young people involved in his campaign he is now paying them to raise money for him and of course, the young republicans are falling for it hook, line and sinker.

What kind of lesson is Romney teaching American Youth? Instead of teaching civic duty and getting involved to make a difference, you should get involved to make money. Sale your vote, your time, and morals to the highest bidder. The sad part is that many of these same young Republicans have already been taught that lesson at home. Is there any wonder why America is falling apart after 12 years of a congress controlled by the Republican Party or 6 years of a Republican President who have based their lives on lining their pockets and little else.

clipped from

Romney Buying Young College Conservatives
by The Associated Press

(Boston, Massachusetts) A millionaire thanks to
his work as a venture capitalist, Mitt Romney is acutely aware of the motivating
power of money. His presidential campaign hopes it will have a similar effect on
college students, which is why it’s offering them a cut of their fundraising.

Participants in “Students
for Mitt” will get 10 percent of the money they raise for the campaign
beyond the first $1,000. While candidates often offer professional fundraisers
commissions up to 8 percent, campaign experts believe the Massachusetts
Republican is the first to do so with the legion of college students who have
historically served as campaign volunteers.

“For the kids that want
to get involved in a political campaign and they don’t want to spend their
summer painting houses, they can help the campaign and themselves at the same
time,” said Romney spokesman Kevin Madden.

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3 Responses to “Mitt Romney Willing to Pay To Get Student Support.”

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Well I don’t really see what you are madd about. Paying for votes? Don’t all canadites(SP) do this. I mean campagining(SP) does cost money, Right?

this is just to help students who want to do political work .. and need to make money .. probably they want to work for Romney anyway .. this just means that they can now do what they want ..

Well I see it as buying support and votes. I now campaigns are expensive buy what happened to volunteering for a candidate or a cause you believed in? I think it sets a bad president and only reinforces the Republican belief that the only thing that counts is how much you gte out of something instead of civic responsibility.

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