Pop Culture, Politics & Civil Rights

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We all have many things that influence us in our life. Pop Culture has more of an effect than most believe or realize. The new stories of the Hippies and the Anti-War Movement awoke a passion for politics, civil rights, & equal rights in me as a young child and I have worked at it every since.

It is past time to hold the Repugnants and Herr Bush responsible for their actions!!! Their lies and bigotry are destroying America and this can not be allowed to happen.

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas spends his time courting the Religious Right and the KKK. Does Texas really need a Governor endorsed by the KKK? I don’t think so. Rep. John Carter of Texas wanted to bring back literacy test for voters. Does this sound like the bigots from the 60’s to you? And let’s not forget Mike Krusee who is willing to sell Texas farm land to support his mistress. Then we have Kay Bailey Hutchison who thinks her time is better spent campaigning for Repugnants in Arizona than debating Barbara Ann in Texas and answering to her constituents. Time to vote these bums and the rest of the lying Repugnant jerks out of office.

We Need people in office who care about Texas and the United States and not just their personal agendas and wallets. Time to elect Mary Beth Harrell to Congress, Barbara Ann Radnofsky to the Senate, Chris Bell as governor and Karen Felthauser as our Texas Representative in Williamson County!!!

Pop Culture, Politics & Civil Rights Podcast

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Chris Bell For Governor


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