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Barbara Ann Radnofsky is running for Senate against Kay Bailey Bitch Hutchison and needs your support!!!!! I have met Barbara personally and I think she will be great for Texas and the United States. We need her in office actually taking care of our veterans and Texas Families and not the Karl Rove puppet that is KBBH.

Here is a copy of the latest email from Barbara and a chance to get her some much needed help and publicity.

From One Barbara to Another

Barbara Boxer, U.S. Senator from California, is helping other U.S. Senate candidates by holding an online competition–the candidate who receives the most votes will get promoted on Senator Boxer’s PAC e-list. Past winners have gotten thousands of dollars in contributions and great publicity as a result.

Won’t you help Barbara Ann now? Follow this link to the online vote at Sen. Boxer’s PAC and vote for Barbara Ann–it’s free and only takes a few seconds.

Barbara Ann already ranks fourth in the contest, and with your help will shoot to the top of the list. The number of votes cast in this contest will be small, and your vote can make a huge difference.

You can also go directly to our web site and make a donation. Every dollar helps! Follow this link and donate to Barbara Ann’s campaign.

Neutral, We’re Not

When it comes to the issue of net neutrality, Barbara Ann said this, responding to the votes of the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee against net neutrality:
“The Committee and my opponent made a mistake in rejecting net neutrality. My opponent was wrong in her anti-family and anti-education rejection of a provision to bar discrimination of content or service based on origin, destination or ownership. Consumers will be harmed. Children will be harmed. Families will be harmed.”

What’s New

Check our new educational video posted on the web site here, and our campaign status report, also in video on the web right here.

Help John Courage Top the List

Thank you for responding to our prior requests to vote for John Courage and Chris Bell.
John Courage is currently in the middle of two large opportunities to bring large amounts of out-of-state money to Texas, but in order to pull it off he is going to need all the support and efforts of Texans from El Paso, Beaumont, Lubbock, McAllen, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and all points in-between. Please forward this message to your personal email lists to ensure victory.

John has maintained a first-place spot in Governor Mark Warner’s Mapchanger competition over the first 7 days, and with three days left, the race is very close. He is in second place by less than 10 votes. You can see the current standings here. Barbara Ann, Chris Bell, and John have been working together to ensure that the grand prize of a fundraiser with Governor Warner comes to Texas. In the event of victory, which is entirely attainable with Texans working together, John has agreed to use the first $15,000 from the Warner fundraiser to underwrite the development of tools that can be used by EVERY Democrat across the state—every candidate, every activist, every volunteer, every organization—the possibilities are endless.

John needs your vote today to help bring this money to Texas and to bring these tools to fruition for all of us to use.

EVERY SINGLE VOTE COUNTS. Click here to vote for Courage and to vote for Texas!
Paid for by Barbara Ann Radnofsky U.S. Senate Committee

Contributions or gifts to Barbara Ann Radnofsky U.S. Senate Committee are not tax deductible. Federal law requires us to use best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 per election cycle.
Barbara Ann Radnofsky US Senate Committee, P.O. Box 550377, Houston, TX 77255-0377

Online Donations

Barbara Ann Radnofsky

phone: 713-858-6256

I am asking all of my friends who are disgusted with the Kay Bailey Bitches in the world to help with this.


Profits from this design go to Barbara Ann’s campaign.


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