Texas Politics at it’s Best & Worst

Posted on 06/12/2006. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I spent the last few days in Fort Worth at the Texas Democratic State Convention. It was thrilling to see so many active Democrats who are passionate about their beliefs and politics all in one place. I was lucky enough to meet wonderful people from all over the state. The ages ranged from 16 to 82 and all of them ready to fight and win America back from the Repugnants. This was exciting for an old fart who has been actively in politics and civil rights for 40 years.

The candidates who spoke gave rousing speeches to energize the audience to go home and work to Get Out the Vote and Win in 2006. Chris Bell gave the best speech I have ever heard until 3/4’s of the way through when he started in with his “New Mainstream” jargon that means absolutely nothing. You could feel the energy drain out of the auditorium as he started that lame part of the speech. Barbara Radnofsky had the auditorium ready to go out and vote for her instantly!!! David Van Os speech was rousing as usual.

I will report some of the sad things about the convention. I watched my Senate District and some members of my own delegation vote against a candidate for SDEC Committee Man simply because he was gay and Hispanic. I truly thought we had gotten above this type of prejudice in the Democratic Party but I guess I was mistaken. I then watched the Boyd Richie camp spread lies and innuendo about Glen Maxey to insure a win. They were telling people that Glen planned to bring Prop 2 back and was only interested in being Chairman of the Party to push GLBT issues. How do I know this? I had people come up and ask me after we had met and talked for a while. They knew I was a Maxey supporter and had worked with him and wanted to hear both sides of the story. I do not know if Boyd was involved in this directly but his campaign staff was and should be held accountable. They owe Glen as well as the Democratic Party an apology. After the first vote for chair and before Charlie Sabina-Jones spoke to us, people in the Ritchie campaign were telling districts that were already voting that Charlie has released his delegates to Boyd Ritchie. This was an out and out lie. Charlie released his delegates but told them to vote their hearts. In my Senate District all the counties had voted a second time before Charlie was allowed to address the convention. Luckily enough most of the people knew what was going on as our delegation was an older crowd and use to political games.

I have agreed to report for duty to get good Democrats elected in 2006 and help build the Party but I also have a long memory as do many of my friends and fellow Democrats. Let’s just say payback’s a bitch.


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