The Repugnants and Bush are at it again.

Posted on 06/02/2006. Filed under: Uncategorized |

The Land of the Free is to be the Land of the Bigot. Frist and Bush think it is more important to bring up the National Marriage Amendment than to formulate a plan to bring our Men and Women home from Iraq. The Repugnant Party is running so scared that they will do anything to up their numbers including kowtowing to the Religious Right. Their poll numbers are lower than they have been at anytime since the Bush Regime took power and decided to strip America of it’s Civil Rights and due process under the law.

This is not acceptable to any thinking American. Who someone loves does not make them less of an American. Gays and Lesbians have served their country in every capacity. They have been vital members of the military, congress and law enforcement. They run businesses, own homes, pay taxes, raise families, and want Equal Rights and protection under the law. This is not too much to ask of our Government. It is the least we should expect.

Wether you support Gay Marriage is not the point here. The point is that discrimination should never be written into the Constitution. The Constitution of the United States was written to protect all Americans. A political party should not use fear, lies, hate and prejudice to win votes. The last time a political party used this strategy to gain control Hitler became Fuhrer of Germany. Bush and his cronies are no better than Nazis. They use hatred, fear and ignorance to scare people to the polls to vote for them. They want the Religious Right to keep sending in dollars and voting for them so that they can strip more rights away from all Americans and teach hatred and intolerance to a new generation.

This amendment along with all the state amendments that have already been passed is a tool to win votes and nothing else. When has the American Government ever allowed the general public to vote on civil rights? If the general public had voted on desegregation, our school system would still be segregated. Man by nature is afraid of what he does not understand or has not seen with his own eyes.

Shame on you, George Bush and on all your Bigot Friends in the Repugnant Party. You should have been arrested for treason the day you broke your oath of office by asking for this Amendment. I am sure Cheney will wait until after the vote to say he is against the amendment just as he did last time even though his daughter is a lesbian. He would rather sale his daughter to the devil for a vote than do what is right. Of course, she sold her soul to the devil when she decided to help Bush and Cheney get reelected.

You can sign a petition from the Democratic Party to inform Bush and his fellow traitors that you are opposed to the amendment. You can also call and write your Senators to let them know you are opposed to discrimination being written into the constitution. Let them know you want them to take care of America’s real problems not create more.


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