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Rep. Senfronia Thompson is one of the best allies the GLBT community in Texas has ever had. Her speech against the Marriage Amendment in Texas was one of the most powerful equal rights speeches I have heard in years. Yes, I was lucky enough to be there that day and listen to Senfronia and many other members of the Texas Legislature speak out against discrimination being placed in the Texas Constitution. Senfronia was blunt and honest as she brought up facts about the history of discrimination and how this amendment was nothing but bigotry.

The sad part is that after hours of speeches & questions for the co-author of this bill, the majority party totally ignored the hours of testimony in committee- 3 out of every 4 people speaking were against the amendment. The same happened in the Senate and they held the vote on a Saturday with no prior notice so no one could be in the gallery.

Governor Perry and his party of bigots have decided that appeasing the ultra right is more important than taking care of Texas. Education funding was left to flounder through to special sessions with no results. Tax reform only means cuts for the corporate world with the middle class and poor picking up the slack. I think 2006 will bring quite a few surprises for these hate mongers. I also think we will hand them a surprise on November 8th, 2005 as we defeat their hate amendment!!!

Come join us in Austin on November 6 at 1:30 for a rally at the state capital and here Rep. Senfronia Thompson. She will be the keynote speaker at our final large rally before elction day.


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