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After years of being involved in politics and civil rights work, I finally have to say this or bust. Nothing is quite as frustrating as having someone tell me that I have to look at the “BIG PICTURE” instead of worrying about GLBT issues.

If one of them would check the backgrounds of 95% of the GLBT activist, they would find people who work on individual campaigns, with their local, county,state, and the national party, and spend hours and hours working on all types of issues that affect not only the GLBT community but the world at large. We block walk, phone bank, email, write letters, do art work, and any other type of work needed for the campaigns and then also cook the best food served at all the pot lucks. Many times we are the ones asked to plan the house parties so that they actually are parties and not just another boring political meeting. I had to turn down many requests to get involved in candidates campaigns cause I can only spread my time and energy so far.

The “BIG PICTURE” doesn’t take in the fact that Hate Crimes are up in the United States and the world. The general public could care less that “Faggot” bars are being burned, GLBT activist are being beaten or killed, or that laws and amendments are being passed which make us second class citizens are being put in place in many states. The constitutional amendments that have been passed will take years to get removed or over turned.

National figures are also coming out and saying that we are to blame for the hurricanes, 9/11, and any other disaster that happens. They use fear, hate, ignorance and lies to make us seem like the cause of all problems much as Hitler did with the Jews. WAKE UP DAMN IT!!! and realize we are being threatened with violence similar to what went on before the Nazis came to power. Yes, we focus on these things and expect “allies” to help, not turn their backs or be totally patronizing while saying ” You aren’t seeing the big picture.” We see the big picture and work our asses off to help candidates, other issues, and the damn party and country, but are always told to sit back cause our day will come. Well, the damn day has never come and if we do not speak out, we will all be dead or locked away before it does.


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I will be glad to add a link for you. I will see about doing a blurp when I have some more time to read your site. Been very busy with my design site as well.

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