Frustrated, Furious and Fearful!!!

Posted on 09/23/2005. Filed under: Uncategorized |

As a 46-year-old gay male, I am so frustrated I could scream. I have worked for Equal Rights for all Americans since I was a kid. I have marched, I have voted, I have campaigned, and I have asked tough questions of everyone from politicians to ministers. During this crusade of mine, I have watched opinions change and laws passed to protect rights. I watched as Gay Pride Events went from being protest to celebrations. I have gone from being considered mentally defective to an accepted (for the most part) member of society. That has all changed.

The GOP decided that gay “marriage” and “special rights” were perfect tools to use to draw upon the ignorance of the masses to win elections. Everyone seems to think it started when Bush ran for President. I am sorry to say that it started much earlier. Bush even used gay marriage as a wedge issue when he ran against Ann Richards for Governor of Texas. Sadly, it worked.

Since that time, the GOP has taken it upon them to reach out to the ignorant, the uniformed, and bigoted masses to win control of many states, the United States Congress, and even the Presidency. They use lies, hate and fear to alarm America and turn the hard work of decades into ash.

People believe them as they say that gay “marriage” would degrade the sanctity of marriage. Please explain to me how a loving couple who wants to make that type of commitment threatens anyone’s definition of marriage? Oh, they say we can protect ourselves with legal documents but I can give you hundreds of cases where wills were over turned, Lovers had to hire a lawyer to enforce powers of attorney, and where children have been taken away from the person they call mama or daddy.

As if the fight against legalizing gay “marriage” wasn’t bad enough, in some states they are taking away the right to adopt, to be a foster parent, or enter in to contracts of any kind. They have even gone so far as to try and stop PBS from airing TV programs featuring alternative families. The Texas School Board has made it so school book publishers can not mention alternative families. While some think this will only affect Texas, they are wrong. When Texas mandates something for textbooks, it becomes the national norm since they order so many books.

The other side to this picture if the rage against the GLBT community that has been released as the GOP and the Ultra-Right
Wing religions spout their bigotry. Hate Crimes have increased worldwide and especially here in the United States. Bars are being burned, properties are vandalized, and Gay men and women beaten and even killed by people who think they have a license to do so. Why shouldn’t they think this as the President himself breaks his oath of office and ask for a Constitutional Amendment to add discrimination against a minority to the United States Constitution.

The report of the attack on Paul Dodd and Jeff Hersch has awaken a feeling I have not had since I was a teenager and just coming out in a small town in North Carolina. I sat at my computer crying tears of frustration, rage and fear as I typed out the blog entry about the attack last night. I slept maybe 3 hours and had nightmares over and over. For the first time in many years, I have started to fear for my safety and the safety of other Gay and Lesbian activist. I am even contemplating buying a gun, taking lessons, and obtaining a concealed weapon permit so that I can protect myself and keep doing my work for Equal Rights. I have hated guns my entire life and even once threatened to throw a lover out if he brought a handgun into my home. I do not plan to quit the fight, but I have to protect my home and myself. What a sad state of affairs this has become.


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