I Just Love Barbara!!!!

Posted on 08/04/2005. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Last night at the Democracy for Texas Meeting , Barbara Radnofsky was a featured speaker. I am more impressed every time I hear her speak. Anyone who is familiar with Austin politics knows that the dreaded question and answer period at any gathering can be a death knell for a candidate. Not so for this Tough Dame!!!

Barbara answered questions ranging from civil rights, veterans funding, the draft and everything in between. Her training and expertise as a lawyer and mediator resonate through out her answers and her speeches. Complaining about the current situation and mistakes does nothing for a candidate. Barbara talks not only about what has not been handle correctly but also talks about what she will do to correct the problems or make sure they do not happen again. When asked about Iraq, she clearly stated that a time table for bringing the troops home was needed while also saying that leaving Iraq high and dry was not a choice. America started something there and yes we do have to lend a hand to this fledgling Democracy. As opposed to the war as I am, I agree 100% that walking out at this point is not an option.

Barbara does not apologize but embraces the fact she might look like a soccer mom. I haven’t asked if she drives a suv yet. LOL Barbara does refuse to accept other “titles” that are slung at strong women. Too many words that meant wonderful things in the past have been twisted by the opposition in the past few years to negative images. Feminist, progressive, liberal, and, yes, even moderate(unless they decide to use it) have been turned in to nasty words. Barbara is a combination of all the good things these words represented in the past and will again in the future.

Check out her web site. She is doing a lot of traveling around the state. Find a place and time where you can hear this dynamo speak. I think you will agree that we have a wonderful candidate and will have a wonderful new Senator after the 2006 elections.


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