Hard to believe Canada and the United States are in the same hemisphere.

Posted on 06/29/2005. Filed under: Uncategorized |

As Canada celebrates equal rights for all, we here in the United States try to figure out when we became the Land of Bigots as opposed to the Land of the Free. 11 states, instead of passing laws to allow same sex marriage, have passed constitutional amendments to ban them. One has been struck down by the Supreme Court but the rest are still on the books and more states are gearing up for the same battle. Texas, of course, is one where we are fighting an amendment to the Constitution that not only says no same sex marriage but also outlaws common law marriage.

I wonder why the country that has always proclaimed itself as the land of the free is always the last to grant equal rights to anyone in what is considered the major countries. African- Americans were treated as less than human by the United States long after Europe realized the stupidity of that attitude. Women had to fight for the right to vote, equal pay(still not here), and equal protection under the law. I guess the GLBT community is the last group that is legal to discriminate against and the politicians who use fear, hate and lies to govern are having a field day.

Shrub and the ultra right used us as a divide and conquer issue last fall. Let’s not forget dick coming out as opposed to the national marriage amendment after it was voted down in the Senate. Shrub has now asked for the amendment once again at the Southern Baptist convention and has dick made a sound? Nope cause the vote Has not happened yet. Who cares that he has a lesbian daughter? Oh, I forgot. The only people that can mention Miss Sell Out Lynn are dick and his wife. Lynn keeps quiet hoping dad will remember her in the will. Here’s a hint to Lynn. If you were good enough to work on his campaign, but not good enough to be on stage with the family when he accepted the nomination last year; you ain’t getting anything.


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