Single issues do not make a candidate or a campaign

Posted on 06/27/2005. Filed under: Uncategorized |

One of my pet peeves in politics are the people who only have on issue. I have issues that are important to me but am looking for well rounded candidates who will work for Texas and work for the entire United States. While one of my main concerns is equal rights for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community; I do not expect every politician to make a stump speech on the issue and still get elected in Texas. Maybe that day will come but it ain’t here yet. I do ask them how they would have voted on certain bills that have been defeated and even worse some that have passed. Their answers to the questions are very telling and give some insight into where they may stand when they are elected. Doesn’t mean we won’t get some surprises along the way. Look at the ones that supported Talton’s amendment and some who voted for the marriage amendment.

I know you are wondering where I am going with this. I had the pleasure of watching a single issue person confront every candidate Saturday in Williamson County. I respect the man’s right to an opinion but there is more to government than just his one issue. Yes, you want people in office who will help you, but you better be looking at something besides one thing. The elected officials get to vote on many aspects of our lives. Taxes, healthcare, education, conservation and even freedom are some of the many things they handle or screw up.

One last thing about single issues. If you are going to have one, do the research and be able to talk intelligently about it. Don’t just sling names or accusations at the people who do not agree with you. I do not believe in murder just because I am Pro-choice.


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