Stunned and Amazed at the Gay Community

Posted on 06/24/2005. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I am an out and proud gay male but the community stuns me at times. The Gay community is in an uproar at shrub and the justice department. Are they mad cause people have been arrested or detained illegally? No They are upset cause they can not look at a total strangers cock or butt picture at

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like looking at the pictures now and then myself, but I have been upset about shrub and crew for a long time and for many reasons. Maybe taking the adult pictures away from and other chat sites will wake some of these guys who avoid politics and maybe even some of the idiots that voted for him yet again in 2004.

Here are the new rules:

New standards for “sexually explicit” content on
1. An image of a hand holding or touching genitals, or appearing to grip or stimulate genitals, is considered masturbation and is prohibited.
2. An image of a hand clearly “cupping” or covering genitals for the purposes of keeping them covered is allowable.
3. An image of a hand inside pants is prohibited as it implies masturbation.
4. Pictures with more that one person that include nudity are prohibited.
5. All cartoons are prohibited.
6. While images of a nude person on all fours is allowable, an image showing the buttocks being held apart by hands is considered explicit and is prohibited.
7. In the interest of safety, images of nude children (e.g., a nude baby at the beach with her two dads) will not be allowed.
8. A clothed person posing with a pet is allowed, but a nude person with an animal is prohibited. (No more walking your dog in the nude!)
9. An image of a person in a bondage or fetish outfit is allowed (but please, no polyester!).
10. Images that depict bondage or S&M “abuse” are prohibited. (Shockingly, images from Abu Ghraib prison would be censored under the new regulations.)
11. Digital images run through an illustrator filter on software will be held to these same standards

Maybe the guys who want to post explicit pictures (gannon comes to mind LOL) will start a revolution and get shrub and company to rethink this policy. Honestly, if this gets more people thinking about what is happening in America, I am a happy camper. I just wish they had woken up a lot sooner.

The Picture are back but the legal battle is not over. 06/24/2005


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